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That’s me - sitting in my office - probably working on my latest project. 


Im very concerned about the state of the world and spend way too much time trying to work out a way that I can help move towards a sustainable society. 


Unfortunately, most of society lives in a dream world where everything is great as they sleepwalk towards catastrophe.  This site is aimed at informing those that wish to wake up, and help society evolve from where it is now onto a more sustainable path.  My aim is to help people understand the big picture, rather than just the part of it that they are informed about. 


For all its faults, I believe that democratic government is the best system humanity has yet devised to deal with the problems we have created for ourselves and the only one where ordinary citizens can have their say.  The quality of democratic government is totally dependant on the quality of understanding of the electorate.  I hope that this site is helpful in promoting better understanding of the issues of the day. 


New: My submission to the Australian Government Energy White Paper consultation process:
Maintaining Our Prosperity


My Current Project 


The draft executive summary from my forthcoming book is published here for critical review:

Peak Capitalism  Our Opportunity to Choose Between Survival and Collapse


My Older Writings


An Open Letter to Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia


25 Questions and Answers on Peak Oil 


Coming to Terms with Oil Depletion: my submission to the Australian Senate Inquiry into Australia's future oil supply 2006.



Recommended Reading


I highly recommend that everyone undertakes Chris Martensons Crash Course on money and the financial collapse that is now unfolding. 


For a digest and links to most stuff published on Peak Oil, all forms of energy, global warming, sustainable communities and much more you cant go past Energy Bulletin


If you are new to the Peak Oil crisis, I recommend the Energy Bulletin Peak Oil Primer


By far the leading body of learned individuals involved in studying and reporting the Peak Oil situation is the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas - ASPO. For Australians check on ASPO Australia


For those fond of hyperbole and commentary on the Oil and economic crisis unfolding in the USA, I never miss an episode of the Clusterfuck Nation Chronicle by James Kunstler, author of The Long Emergency. 


For those fond of really well thought through articles on various aspects of the problems we face, I recommend Richard Heinberg’s Museletters.





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