Viva the band
band that play European music for hire in Sydney, Newcastle, Gosford, the Central Coast, The Hunter Valley, Wollongong and Bowral

Covers of Andre Rieu styled International music

Music that is enjoyed by families, adults, birthday parties and multicultural audiences

Musicians in Sydney that perform European music and covers of a repertoire of Andre Rieu music from France, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Hungary, Russia, Brazil, Cuba, Argentina, popular tunes of the last century, music covers from the Andre Rieu youtube videos, Andre Rieu CD and Andre Rieu DVD

The Viva bands have experienced world music in their overseas travels to Europe, UK and South America, they subsequently focused the development of their music repertoire with music from France, Spain, Denmark, Russia, Hungary, Italy and South American, music that is additional to their standard repertoire of Jazz and swing music

Listen to music performed by Viva the duo, music that is popular at family, adults, seniors parties and functions click on this: link

Concerts of popular world music at South Sydney Juniors Leagues Club, Illawarra Catholic Club, Mounties club, Burwood RSL, seniors functions, citizenship ceremonies, anniversaries, 60th, 70th and 80th birthday parties


 Viva the duo tours

bands touring europe

America press release about the Viva tour is at this link: press release America

Europe press release about the Viva tour is at this link press release Europe

Django Reinhardt festival at Samous Sur Seine duo musicians in Sydney - see video of Viva the duo performing French music on youtuube

Watch videos of an amazing Gypsy guitarist at Samois Sur Seine at Sheik Of Araby

Video of Dark Eyes Dark Eyes

Click on link to play a Django Reinhardt tune by Viva the duo : Minor Swing

Click on link to play a delightful French medley by Viva the duo : Under Paris Skies

Abbey Road studios in London A monument dedicated to the composer of Concierto De Aranjuez in the city of Aranjuez, Spain

Viva the duo at Abbey Road studios in London and Aranjuez, Spain

The photo depicts a monument in the city of Aranjuez dedicated to Joaquin Rodrigo for the tune Concierto De Aranjuez. There are inscriptions for the tune and melody is engraved in the footpath, Viva the duo from Sydney, Australia who have recorded a simplified tune for accordion and guitar called Aranjuez Mon Amor are next to the monolith behind the engraved footpath. Click on this link to play the tune by Viva the duo :Aranjuez Mon Amor

Video of musicians in Florence musicians in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Viva the duo at a Video shoot at Florence and at Jung Frau, Lauterbrunnen Switzerland

Sydney band European experience in 2000

We decided we wanted to research the music entertainment of Europe and it's ancient music culture and to try and capture the essence of French music. We went to Paris in 2000 and we found a few venues at Les Halls and the Latin quarter. At Les Halls the bands performed mostly Jazz, Latin, Edith Piaf cafe' tunes and Django Reinhardt style gypsy Jazz. In the Latin Quarter the bands played many different styles of music: Russian, Hungarian, Ukraine, Greek, Turkish, Spanish, Italian etc. For a number of weeks we listened to and practiced some of the character of the performances of the music

We hope that listening to the Viva bands allows the listener to share in some of the bands experiences of the music of Europe

Sports, Tourism, Arts Culture, live Music and Entertainment in Australia

When we toured Europe we noticed that the tourism industry is huge there, In particular, the Cities of Rome, Paris, Florence, Venice Nice Cannes, Monte Carlo etc were thronged by tourists in their hundreds of thousands daily

Obviously there is a rich cultural history in these places, however, there is also a rich diversity of current live music entertainment. The media and street signage abound with posters of live music events. In Cannes, Nice and Monte Carlo there are the best American and European entertainers appearing on the boardwalks on a daily basis. In Piazza San Marco in Venice there are tourists in their thousands thronging the square to enjoy the cultural ambiance. Surrounding the square there are numerous 4-6 piece orchestras with violins, piano accordions etc. performing traditional European tunes including French, Italian and Spanish Music

The Andre Rieu repertoire

Andre Rieu and his music presentations are a delightful introduction to classic, multicultural and world music, a phenomenon throughout the world. The DVD's of Andre's concerts have reached 7 out of the top 10 top DVD sales in Australia. This has never been attained by any other artist in the history of music sales. Andre Rieu and his JSO Orchestra DVD sales have gone platinum over 80 times, a world record.

It is interesting to note that Andre attracts huge audiences in Australia and throughout the world, his successes are a result of his selection of music (which is rarely heard on commercial radio) and how the music is presented

accordion player for weddings in Sydney - see a video of Paris with French music by Viva the band on youtube Sydney wedding band play French music - see a video of Paris with French music by Viva the band on youtube guitar player for weddings in Sydney - see a video of Paris with music by Viva the band on youtube

Local Councils

On occasions Councils hire the Viva bands to provide their music for family events, seniors events and community events with multicultural themes

  • Parramatta Council festivals
  • Bankstown Bites festival presented by Bankstown Council
  • Bay day Multicultural Tea Festival presented by Canada Bay Council
  • Warringah Council, citizenship ceremonies
  • Warrinah Council, awards presentations events
  • Australia day ceremonies and events
  • Manly Council, awards events
  • Manly Council, International jazz festivals
  • Manly Council food and wine festivals
  • Manly Council promotional events
  • Sydney City Council, events and festivals
  • Canada Bay Council, Ferragosta Festivals and multicultural events
  • Canterbury Council Campsie, multicultural food Festival
  • Liverpool Council, Cultural infusion
  • Kogarah City Council, Australia day event
  • Penrith City Council, music festival street event
  • Marrickville Council, food festival
  • Mosman City Council, French themed events
  • Gosford City Council, presentation at Arts Centre
  • Newcastle City Council, Darby Street event
  • Maitland City Council, Steamfest
  • Hervey Bay Council, Annual Whale Festival

A musical journey around the world with accordion, bass, guitar and flute

Some of these tunes are on our CD "The Journey" available at CD baby There are also a couple of Videos that showcase some of these tunes as well

Video of World Music with accordion, guitar, bass and flute

View the CD The Journey selection of music from around the world at youtube

Video of Paris

View the video of a Paris and a selection of French songs with accordion and guitar by Viva the band (duo) at youtube

Video of Japan

View a video of Japan containing the soundtrack Kikuchiyo to Moshimasu with flute, guitar and accordion at Youtube

Video of Taiwan

View a video of a glorious tune performed by a Korean band at the opening of the Tainan International Chihsi Arts Festival at youtube

Viva European tour

Viva the duo toured throughout Europe in June and July 2010, commencing in Paris, Fontainebleau, Samois Sur Seine (for the Django Reinhardt Gypsy guitar festival), Madrid, Barcelona, Cannes, Monte Carlo, Rome Milano, Florence, Venice, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland and concluding in London. We have a number of Videos on You Tube with our CD "The Journey"

The Journey storyline:


The Viva journey begins in Paris and a trip to the ancient area of Ile Saint-Louis where you board a cruise vessel and listen to a tune that is often played by a local band on board the vessel. Click on link to play a delightful French medley by Viva the duo : Under Paris Skies

  • Under Paris Skies

Depart the cruise boat and walk a few metres past the Notre Dame Cathedral to Boulevard Saint Michelle where Edith Piaf used to busk in the street, Her most famous song La Vien Rose was fist sung by Edith in 1948

Click on link to play a delightful French tune by Viva the duo : La Vie En Rose

  • La Vi en Rose

Journey to Rue D'antibes at Cannes in the south of France and play a tune used to commence the Cannes film festival, the tune was composed by an African American musician, Sidney Bechet:

  • Dans La Rues D'antibes

musicians at Rue d'antibes in Cannes

Viva the band (duo) at the street sign, the subject of the tune Rue D'antibes in Cannes, France 2010. Click on link to play the tune by Viva the duo : Dans La Rue D'antibes

Listen to a tune composed by Gypsy guitar player Django Reinhardt : Minor Swing

  • Minor Swing


When you journey from France, the borders of many countries can be reached in a few hours, when you cross the borders you notice the different cultures and personalities of the populous. It is also evidenced in their music styles. The music of Russia is very dramatic by comparison to French music, listen to a couple of Russian tunes as an example:

  • Dark Eyes
  • Midnight in Moscow


Journey to Denmark to listen to a Danish composition. Jealousy was written by Jacob Gade (Denmark). It was played for the first time in 1925 in the movie Son of Zorro, starring Douglas Fairbanks. It was noted, that up until the mid 70's, the tune was played every minute of every day on some radio station in the world. The composer was so revered for this composition that the Danish Government issued a postage stamp in Gade's honour

  • Jealousy


Journey to Hungary and listen to a classic folk dance tune of the 18th Century from that country. Czardas in an old Hungarian name for Pub

  • Czardas


  • Aranjuez Mon Amour
A monument dedicated to the composer of Concierto De Aranjuez in the city of Aranjuez, Spain

Journey to Spain and a township called Aranjuez, 48 KM south of Madrid with a populous of about 50,000. the township is noted for its strawberries and beautiful palace gardens. A tune called Concerto De Aranjuez was written by a blind composer, Joaquin Rodrigo in Paris in1939, the tune was hugely popular and the citizens of Aranjuez were so grateful they erected a monument to the tune in the main street and engraved the notation in the footpath. Viva the band (duo-photo) viseted Aranjuez in 2010 they play a simple version called Aranjuez Mon Amour. Click on this link to play the tune by Viva the duo : Aranjuez Mon Amor

Another Spanish tune of note is a pasta doble called Espana Cani "Spanish Dog" often called Spanish Gypsy Dance. The tune was written by Pascual Marquina Narro in 1925. The tune begins with the progression of the arpeggiated chords E, F, G, E is noted at the best know snippet of Spanish music ever written. This tune is used as a fanfare for bull fighting events and as a popular pasa doble for exhibition and competition ballroom dancing

  • Espana Cani


Viva Journey to Italy and listen to a delightful Italian Waltz, the theme from the Movie "The Godfather"

  • Godfather Waltz


Viva visited Brazil in 2014, listen to a classic samba: "Aquarela Do Brasil" written by Ary Barroso in 1939

  • Brazil

and a classic Bossa Nova often sung by Mel Torme on the Judy Garland Show written by Luiz Antonio and Djalma Ferreira

  • Recardo Bossa

A tune that was not a Brazilian Composition but was recorded by two Brazilian guitarists called Los Indios Tabajaras. The tune became a world wide hit record in 1963 (it was No 1 in Australia). The tune is a Mexican folk tune named "Maria Elena" (named after the wife of a Mexican president)

  • Marie Elena


Viva Left Brazil to journey to Cuba where mafia run night clubs and music entertainment were closed down in 1960 by the government at the end of the Cuban revolution. 36 years later Ry Cooder, a musician from America went to Cuba in 1996 to search for and record the original Cuban musicians. A group called The Buena Vista Social Club was formed and named after a popular Cuban night club of the 40's. The group Buena Vista Social Club went on to become hugely popular after their recordings and follow up concerts throughout the world

listen to a composition the group have adopted as their signature tune Siboney, written by a Cuban Composer, Ernesto Lecuona

Viva visited Siboney in 2014 a town east of Santiago Cuba where the Cuban revolution began in 1953

  • Siboney
  • ....alt...
  • Andalucia


listen to a tune composed by Agustin Lara about a city in Spain called Granada

Granada was written by Agustin Lara, born in Mexico, a composer and pianist who grew up in Veracruz. The tune became so popular that Agustin was given the keys to the city and a free house in the city. Granada was an Iconic tune, it was the second most performed tune of the last Century) (No 1 was "I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas") Agustin performed his first professional music engagement in a brothel when he was 13 years old

  • Granada

Another Mexican tune that became hugely popular was called Besame Mucho (Kiss me much). The tune was written in 1940 by a Mexican girl, Consuelo Velazquez, two weeks before her sixteenth birthday . Consuelo was elected to the Mexican Congress. Besame Mucho was the most recorded tune of all time

  • Besame Mucho


Travel to Argentina and listen to a Tango, written by Uruguayan musician Gerardo Matos Rodriguez in 1917 . This tune was the most recorded tango of the last century in Argentina (which is located just across the Uruguay river). The tune was composed in a football club room at Montevideo. It was made a national Anthem of Uruguay in 1997

  • La Cumparsita


Travel to America and listen to a selection of Jazz and Swing music

  • In the Mood (Glen Miller 1939)
  • Stardust, (Hoagy Carmichael 1941
  • Shenandoah

Shenandoah is a rare American Sea Shanty, actually an early American Folk Song from the 19th Century with several interpretations

A popular one being that a seafarer fell in love with the daughter of and Indian Chief named Shenandoah whilst trading on the Mississippi river In the State of Virginia USA. Another popular version is, that the daughter was simply a resident of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia

Our one hour journey concludes


  • On the Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond
  • Annie Laurie
  • Skye Boat Song


An extra tune that is on our CD "The Journey" is Kikuchiyo to Moshimasu

Video of Japan

View a video of Japan containing the soundtrack Kikuchiyo to Moshimasu at Youtube


China Nights

We have produced a CD of The Journey and the retail outlets are at CD Baby

Samples of the tunes can be heard at CD Baby

International experiences by a Sydney band

Sydney wedding band at international performances Sydney wedding band in a street parade in Taiwan

The Viva bands have an extensive history of International performances. The most recent in Taiwan in 2004 and 2005 where the band performed for a series of concerts and television appearances, the photo depicts Viva and a group of International performers being welcomed in a street parade in Taichung and later welcomed by the Mayor in television Interviews over a period of 2 weeks in 2004 and 4 weeks in 2005

Viva perform some Chinese tunes including: Shanghai Tan, China Nights, Moon Represents my Heart, Kikuchiyo to Mopshimasu

entertainment at Opera in the Vineyards

There are hundreds of press releases about Viva the duo and Viva the band on google, our latest press release was published in Russia, Central Europe, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary and The Gulf community at this link:- Opera in the Vineyards and Viva the duo

A list of Viva the band songs and duo tunes can be viewed at: Viva repertoire

To get a good idea about the types of jobs the Sydney Viva bands are performing at:-

go to Sydney wedding and function entertainment our jobs see the band at work page

Hire a Jazz and latin duo in Sydney

Hire a duo for a concert in Sydney

As an act, the duo performs a 45 minute showcase of their special show tunes including some French, Spanish and Gypsy Jazz music. The duo is currently featured as Viva "Paris" duo as an International act in the Roddy Montez production of the "Viva Latin American and International show" which regularly performs on the club circuit throughout Australia. (Photo)). The duo has also performed for a theatrical productions and many French themed events.

A duo for hire for community events, store openings and Universities in Sydney

The jazzy duo, with their strong instrumental content of show tunes is popular at Council events, University functions, shopping centres, community events, marketing expos, art festivals, wine and food festivals etc. with venues and clients such as: Opera in the Vineyards, Westfield shopping centres, Warringah Mall, Feastability at Newtown, Warringah, Art Gallery, Coca Cola, Oddfellows, Krispy Kreme, Gloria Jeans, Yalumba wines, De Bortoli winery, Lindeman's winery, Orlando Wyndham Estate winery, French Trade Commission, Manly Council, Mosman Council, Newcastle Council, Gosford Council, City of Canada Bay Council, Canterbury Council, Penrith Council, Warringah Council, Liverpool Council, Nelson Bay Center, Warners Bay Chamber of Commerce, The Entrance Town Centre Management, Marrickville Council, Sydney University, Macquarie University, International House, Mc Donald College of performing arts, Jaguar, Mercedes, Porsche promotions, Woolworths store openings and many more...

Hiring a duo or a trio band for weddings or functions

Sydney wedding and function band play music at a private party in a suburban house Sydney wedding and function musicians play at a French themed gala occasion Sydney wedding and function band play music at a French themed party french dancer

The Original Viva show band (not available)

entertainment by wedding musicians at Darling Harbour quartet for wedding receptiopns

Viva the band is suitable for major festivals, music events and special functions. The band is very popular at Jazz Festivals with regular appearances at: Gold Coast Jazz and blues festival, Thredbo Jazz Festival, Newcastle Jazz Festival, Morpeth Jazz festival, Manly International Jazz Festival, Illawarra Jazz Festival, Kiama Jazz Festival, Jazz in the City at QVB, Music events at Sydney Olympic park, Darling Harbour and Local Council events.

The band combinations are reasonably priced and are geared for wedding receptions, corporate functions and community events, check our prices at pricing page

You can read more about the bands extensive history in our history page

Contact details

If you would like to discuss your requirements for a band, please phone me at Sydney (02) 9970 6006. Please note: I am the guitar player in the band, so if we are not at home, please leave a message on our answer machine or email:

A journey around the world with Viva and music from the repertoire of Andre Rieu for seniors entertainment