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youtube videos of a sydney band that play French and Italian music for hire

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Click on the links below for band youtube videos Some have sound tracks by Sydney Viva bands, these quick links take you to the items that may be of interest to you

Some of the videos depicted below refer to Peter and Marie Rappolt of Viva the band

Our recording of Minor Swing has reached No 1 in Australia and No 4 on the World top 100 charts at N1M music, It hs been No 1 in Australia over 4 years


Instrumental music by Sydney musicans (Duo-accordion, guitar midi Bass and Flute) Samples of CD Music by Viva DUO on YouTube DUO samples Instrumental music youtube

Paris scenes and French music with Viva DUO on YouTube Paris scenes youtube

Music in Sydney by Viva the Duo with singer Corinne Andrew

Live French music by Viva TRIO (with singer) on YouTube Padam Padam youtube

French song La Vie En Rose Viva TRIO on YouTube La Vie En Rose youtube

Portuguese Fado music Viva TRIO on YouTube Fado music youtube

Under Paris Skies on YouTube Viva TRIO Under Paris Skies youtube

French song Indifference Viva TRIO on YouTube French song Indifference youtube

Music by Corinne in the Greek Islands and Viva TRIO in Sydney TRIO Samples in Sydney youtube

Samples of CD music September Morn with Viva the band and Corinne Andrew on Youtube

French Song September Morn Viva TRIO on YouTube September morn in French youtube

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien Viva TRIO on YouTube Non Regrette youtube

Padam Padam Viva TRIO on YouTube Padam Padam youtube

Italian Composition (vocal in French by Corinne Andrew)

Libertango Viva TRIO on YouTube Libertango youtube


Viva the band and Corinne Andrew, worldwide release of "September Morn" (Compilation of French Spanish and Portuguese songs) link to September Morn at CD Baby

Instrumental music by Viva the Duo on CD "The Journey" link to The Journey at CD Baby

(Early Viva) Jazz standards on CD "By Request" link to By Request at CD Baby

Japanese tune by Duo

Japan scenes with a Japanese tune tune "Kikuchiyo to Moshimasu" Viva DUO on YouTube Japanese tune youtube

Video of Ride to work breakfast at Milsons point Viva DUO on YouTube Council promo youtube

French music with French Singer Sylvie Boisel at a festival Viva DUO on YouTube Band in Victoria youtube

A Sydney musician goes goldmining

Alluvial goldminig at Sofala NSW A Sydney musician goldmining at Sofala NSW

Music of Argentina, Brazil, Cuba and New Orleans

Argentine waltz-tango song performed in Sydney by Viva TRIO at Argentine tango YouTube

Argentina music on YouTube Argentine music YouTube

Siboney music on YouTube Siboney music YouTube

Music of Brazil on YouTube Brazil music YouTube

New Orleans music on YouTube New Orleans music YouTube

Cuban Music on YouTube Cuban music YouTube

Iguazu Falls Brazil and Argentina Iguazu falls YouTube

Wedding music

Video of Outdoor wedding ceremony Viva DUO on YouTube outdoor wedding youtube

Corporate music Viva DUO on YouTube Corporate venue youtube

A band at a garden party playing La Paloma Viva QUARTET on YouTube La Paloma youtube

A band at a garden party playing Aranjuez Viva QUARTET on YouTube Aranjuez youtube

Easy listening music viva QUARTET on YouTube Viva quartet youtube

Music in Taiwan

Music by a Korean band on YouTube Taiwan youtube

El Condor Pasa on YouTube El Condor Pasa youtube

Surf Music the 60's The Echomen (early Viva)

Strangers When We Met The Echomen on YouTube Strangers When We Met

The Echomen and the history of Australian surf music on YouTube Surf music youtube

Board walkin The Echomen on YouTube The Echomen youtube

Ann Reilly and the Echomen on YouTube Ann Reilly youtube

Ann Reilly Singing Silver threads abnd Golden Needles on YouTube Ann Reilly Silver Threads and Golden Needles YouTube

The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War with Australian band (early Viva) on YouTube entertainers in the war in Vietnam youtube

Heather Mae Reading with Viva in South Vietnam in 1970 on YouTube Heather Mae Reading youtube

Music in Sydney

Video of a band at Darling Harbour Viva QUARTET on YouTube Darling Harbour Entertainment youtube

Australian National Anthem at Darling Harbour on YouTube National Anthem youtube

Fireworks at Darling Harbour 2009-2010 on YouTube Sydney Harbour Fireworks youtube

Gypsy Jazz Guitar

Sheik of Araby performed by Gypsy guitar on YouTube Sheik of Araby, Gypsy Guitar youtube

Dark Eyes performed by Gypsy guitar on YouTube Dark eyes, Gypsy Guitar youtube

Daphne performed by Gypsy Guitar on YouTube Daphne, Gypsy Guitar youtube

YouTube video's of a Sydney bands live performances