Hey Judy

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Alby desperately wanted to travel to South America. The original intention was to travel on the
Gretta Marie, but of course that plan was foiled by the Curse. Alby had dug up some opals in Coober Pedy (South Australia), but they went down with the boat. His only hope of getting to South America lay in recovering them from their watery grave, so he returned to Maer Island for this purpose.

When he returned to the island there was a letter waiting there for him. An old friend, Andrew Ward, had written to say that Judy Green, a model of Sale of the Century fame, wanted to travel with him. She flew to Thursday Island two weeks later, and in Alby's words, she was "stunning". They successfully recovered the lost opals together, thus making their trip to South America a reality. The rest is history, and somewhat intriguing (see Tragedy Strikes).

2002 Addendum: "that's all well and good Shortbread, but what happened to Judy, post-Alby", I hear you ask!  This is what I've found out:

She's married to a martial arts bloke called Richard Norton.  I found this quote somewhere in late 2001:

Currently Richard and his wife Judy are in Lithuania filming six episodes of The New Adventures of Robin Hood produced by Fred Weintraub of Enter the Dragon fame, Richard will do second unit directing/Action choreography as well as guest starring in several episodes. His wife Judy Green has a continuing role. Judy who appears as Tina the girlfriend of Richard's character Giancarlo in the current Jackie Chan film was Australia's most photographed model for many years as well as the equivalent of our Vanna White on the Australian television program "Sale of the Century".

No mention of Alby! C'mon biographers, get with the program. Anyway, you can research more by using Google to do a search and look up "Judy Green" + "Sale of the Century". You will find quite a few entries.

Well it's goodnight from me... and it's goodnight from him.