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This is the old Access Coach Website, eHome of Ananda Sim. I operate in Melbourne, Australia where I am an independent consultant/skills provider/developer working on Microsoft Access/VBA, Excel/VBA, Word, ASP/ASP.NET, SQL Server.

This website is no longer being maintained. Please visit

It takes some amount of effort to keep abreast of information and report back for your enjoyment. If you feel kindly to rewarding my efforts, please, donate.

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To jump directly to pages on this website, click on the "Site Map" button above. As an alternative, here's the top level set of links to pages on this website:

Access - Start Here
Excel In Depth
MS Office
Visio Info
Creating Web Pages
Technical References
Points of View
Just Links

I have replaced the "Post a Message" destination - it used to point to but it now points to a Yahoo Group which potentially has richer features.

I have contributed a few words at the original Wiki. You might be interested in some rants at AccessInDepth.