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Just Outlook

Beginning Outlook Development

You will need an overview:

  1. Microsoft Office Developer Forum - Microsoft Outlook applications
  2. Microsoft Office Developer Forum - Microsoft Outlook Design Tools
  3. Microsoft Office Developer Forum - Automating Microsoft Outlook
  4. Event Sequences in Microsoft Outlook
  5. Distributing Microsoft Outlook 97 Applications

A word document from Microsoft is here.

Firstly, read up about how to create custom forms - OLFRMHLP.EXE- OL97- Microsoft Outlook Forms Help. To program Outlook, you'll need to know the Outlook Object Model

If you are going to write a lot of script in Outlook'97, you'll need VBS32K.EXE- Microsoft Outlook Visual Basic Script Editor Update.

You'll need a development book. There are few.

Development tips abound at:

Outlook Today can be customised. See Outlook Today - Customize Today and Outlook Misc. - Suggestions. Some further tips in Outlook Today

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