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The Monash Network in a nutshell

The ITS website offers lots of information on Monash computing facilities and it's interaction with the Internet. However, this web may be so dispersed that you may not have everything presented the way you like it.

Here's my perception:

If you are a staff member, you will have generally have a staff entry in the MDS. The MDS is an LDAP directory and having a staff entry there is commonly called having an AuthCate account. An LDAP directory contains various other bits of information - see Monash Attributes and Object Classes.

Getting back to this entry - Staff have at least one entry per person and each student has as well.

When you sit at a PC in the office, you will generally want to connect to networked drives to save and retrieve files. This network is called the Novell Netware network. You will be challenged for a username and password pair which is yes, the same as your MDS one.

Should you want to surf the WWW whether from home (using a Monash staff modem account (yes, also recorded in MDS), or at the office, you will again be challenged for your MDS username, password. This is called Mandatory Proxy Authentication. The purpose of this is to identify usage statistics and charging relevant to Faculties. Yes, every external page retrieved via your account is logged. However, little interest is yet being shown towards examining such ghastly details. The current interest is in the summaries.

The staff modem account has usage times affected by a set of quotas. You can check the quotas yourself BEFORE you hit zero balance by visiting the modem manager page or your My.Monash Personal Info page. For technical details on how to connect, you can see:

Once you make the connection, you would want to check your email. Most staff are now on MMS. MMS runs on the Netscape IMAP server. There are several ways you can reach your email.

  • through Messenger Express, the lite email client that runs within your web browser.
  • through IMP which is similar to Messenger Express.
  • through the Monash Configured Netscape Messenger email client.
  • through a properly configured Microsoft Outlook Express 5.x email client.
  • through a properly configured Microsoft Outlook 2000 email client.
  • through the My.Monash portal.

Aside from plain old email, you would also be interested in the Monash wide calendar service. You can: