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O2K SR-1

General Resources

See My Version History page for patches.

Office XP / 2002

Things that break

  • You can't run XP on Windows 95. You need at least Windows '98.
  • Total Access Analyser 2000 will install but the Access Add-In does not work - probably wrong registry entries.

Things that improve

Office 2000

Office '97

  • In Office '97, I've seen and heard so many people grizzle about Mr. Paperclip, the default Office Assistant. Office Assistants are not always the most helpful and can be downright irritating. However, there are much more pleasant buddies than Mr. Paperclip. Get Office 97 Assistant- Kairu the Dolphin or Office 97 Assistant- F1 the Robot - they're much more fun.
  • Get Office SR-1 and then SR-2. You need to apply them in sequence. Without SR-2, Excel recalcs on various operations is buggy.