Migrating to SQL Server
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vb and MSDE
BetaV articles

Why go to MSDE / SQL Server?

See Access Scalability Notes


MSDE has different auto-numbering ideas in contrast to Access. MSKB articles:

FIX: @@IDENTITY Returns NULL If Trigger Inserts into Tbl w/o ID [Q199688]

PRB: Guarantee @@IDENTITY Value on a Per Table Basis [Q163446]

INF: Cascading Deletes and Updates of Primary Keys [Q142480]

INFO: A Stored Procedure to Display Trigger Information [Q167135]

PRB: Rolling Back Individual Rows from an INSERT Trigger [Q67303]

Temporary Tables

We are so used to creating and using temp tables in Access front ends and back ends. MSDE of course has different ideas about temp tables:

ACC2000: How to Create and Use Temporary Tables with Access C/S [Q232379]

Here's my understanding of Access reports in .adp: