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Category- Arcade    Players- 1    Multiplayer- N/A   Graphics- 10    Overall- 9 (for freeware arcade quality)

One day, I stumbled to across the title "wild tangent". It's a new small company that makes small games and other stuff for the internet explorer browser. In fact, the graphics are quite impressive.

Wild tangent makes other stuff such as screensavers so check out their website. New small games are being developed and made everyday.

 And the great thing about the Wild Tangent company is that all the games are free and less than 20Mb all up.

Here are some of the games which I recommend for downloading:

Front9- Miniture golf has never been this good! Graphics are nice and really simple to play.

Speedway- The best one so far with real 3d graphics and consists of 3 cars and music. The online version lets you select more tracks than the downloaded version.

Space Rocks- Also impressive graphics plus all the fun from the classic game asteroids.

Gem Master- Like Tetris but it's guaranteed for addiction and fun. Pity it's only one player.


NOTE! A plug-in for the internet browser must be installed first. Downloadable at official website.

Screenshots V        (from clockwise: Speedway and Gem Master)


There are new games available to download from the Wild Tangent Website since this review was written.

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