Frequently Asked Questions
The answers to all these questions are listed below.
Please do not hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions.
What does a website cost?
The cost of a website, or other project, depends on a number of factors:

- one, the size of the project (i.e. number of pages, technical requirements,
   availability of content);
- two, the expressed needs of the client (administration system, training,
   dynamic content);
- three, the purpose of the project.

Once these factors are decided upon, We make a firm offer at a flat price,
including all services (though not including extraordinary costs).
Payment is charged half in advance, half upon completion of the project,
unless otherwise negotiated.
How long does it take for you to make a website?
As with the cost, the amount of time needed for a project depends greatly on it's scope.
It also depends to some extent on the client, namely in how much feedback
the client provides.
Naturally a project goes faster if all content is already prepared and ready
to go; it depends on the number of pages, type of deployment and so on.
Generally a basic, no-frills site can be done in less than three weeks.
However, a Web site can run into weeks and months if there is a lot of
groundwork to be done, or if complex data integration is needed.
The best thing to do is make sure your content is already prepared
(or at least have information ready so that the content can be quickly arranged), and get in touch with us.
Is it possible to maintain my own website?
Yes. Any Web site can be set up in such a way that a person with only
minimal technical skills can maintain and update the site.
However, we can upload your website to your server and ensure it is working
efficiently and provide technical support.
These extra services are at no further cost.
If development work is required (i.e., additional areas built into the site),
we'll work out a fee for the addition. As most work is a variation on work
already done this is usually little more than a service call. In other cases,
weekly or monthly regular updating has been requested, which has been
worked out on a monthly payment basis, agreed upon by both parties.
How can we make payments to you?
We accept wire transfers, or bank cheques, either in AUD$ or US$.
Unfortunately, we cannot accept credit cards.
What are your billing policies?
Contracted projects are billed in two installments: half-payment upon
beginning the project, half upon completion.
General maintenance and other non-contracted work is billed at AUD$80
per hour (or equivalent in US$), billed monthly.
Invoices are submitted via postal mail.
Late payments may be charged additional fees and penalties.