Web Design
If you have been looking at the Web for as long as we have, you've seen plenty of sites that turn you off for one reason or another.
They're more concerned with flash than substance, they take forever to download, or they make navigation of the site just about impossible.
AGP Web Design's philosphy is to design web sites that are clean, easy to navigate, and economical.
Clean Design
As you can see from the look of this site, we believe that a clean site design works best for focusing the visitor's eye on the information you want to present.
Tell your visitor who you are, what you do, and why you're what he or she may be looking for.
Anything beyond that is just in the way.
This doesn't  preclude the use of eye-catching graphics, it's just an acknowledgement that they shouldn't be the focus of your site.
Easy Navigation
One of the worst things a Web site can do is to make visitors guess where to click to get to the information they're looking for.
Some sites expect their visitors to interpret hieroglyphics or dig down into the text to find pertinent links.
We will ensure that your visitor will easily find the information you want to present.
Clear links, intuitive categories, and simple navigation around the site mean that people will effortlessly find what they're looking for.
We design Web sites that cost no more than is required to acheive the desired results.
We don't use any more technology than is required to make the site effective. If a simple low-cost site will achieve your objectives, why spend time and money on queernesses.
Economical does not mean low quality.
It simply means focusing on the job of the site, not producing fancy sites with a lot of useless effects.
We make appropriate use of the latest web technologies. but we approach these with caution. We will only use these technologies and effects when they are truly needed to accomplish your goals. Your visitors come to your site to learn about you, your business or organization, not to see fancy effects some designer had fun creating.