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Don't Bring the Rain.

Full CD Release 1990.

This was the first full studio release from the band.

It was originally released on vinyl as a mini

LP but after it received good sales throughout

Europe, was re-released in CD format with

three tracks added to bring it up to full CD status.

The vinyl is now a collectors item.

The Meeting

Released 1992

This was the bands second CD release. It actually

contains "Act 5" of "Mouse" (see below) and was

released as a forerunner of that album. It contains

six tracks in all, as part of the original "Mouse"

concept including the "Act 5" story

Rocking Horse

Released 1993

This album was a collection of old artifacts from the

bands history, pre- "Don't Bring the Rain".

It has 6 tracks in all and although the quality of the

recordings are slightly inferior, it still gives a good

representation of their earlier material. This album

includes the "Rocking Horse" track, which was

requested for release by fans numerous times.


Released 1995

A full concept album with 30 tracks in all,

although they are all inter-linked as one full piece.

This album is the bands (in my opinion) most

adventurous release to date. Comes with all

lyrics and the full "Mouse" story,

(apart from "Act 5).

Mr. Angel

Released 1997

Released on LaBraD'or Records.

A concept album loosely based on a painting by

Lorraine Izon called "Time And Space".

This was the bands first recording in their own studio

and their first album with LaBraD'or records.

This is still available through Cdistributions.

By the way, the cover sleeve is not the painting.


Released 1999

Also released on LaBraD'or Records.

The full concept double CD including "Act 5 The Meeting"

and an interview with both John and Les.

This has been re-mastered and released as the band

had first intended. Includes all new artwork and the

complete story. Still available through Cdistributions.

The Angels Tear

Released 2004

Released by LaBraD'or Records.

The latest CD release. Eight new tracks in all and

recorded and mixed at the bands own “Rabbit Stewdios”.

Much blood was spilt to release this one.

Let us know what you think?

Now available through Cdistributions.

Download a preview of

"At The Mercy Of Lions"

Download a preview of

"Mr. Angel"

Download a preview of

"At The Mercy Of Lions"

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Download a preview of

"Midsummer Nights dream"

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"Cry Out"

Download a preview of

“The Angels Tear”