reach adjustment screw


take a 25mm 10W globe, 100mm of 15mm heater hose, cut and fit as shown.
i just used tiny spade conectors squashed to be a tight fit on the globe pins
you could just solder straight to the pins fi you dont have the right connectors

poke into hole in helmet, no glue needed, it stays there very well(hasnt fallen out yet)

i joined it to my back pack with a stupid 2 pin plug thats very hard to line up, should have just used an RCA plug

take the battery pack from your 12V drill, poke spade connectors into it(pack them with some little rubber packers)
loop the wires back and secure with an elastic band and you are all done
it works pretty well and lasts better than an hour

now just for giggles, here are some pics of my work stand made from the rear triangle of a kids bike
the chain is spring loaded and holds the pedal back brake on, so the bike can be locked at any angle
it really could use a coat of paint