I have listened to the songs and must say that I am very impressed. I have had tracks done by others, but none have come up to your level. You will have all my future business.



Marty Edwards

(Kinda Kenny - The ULTIMATE Tribute To Kenny Rogers)



As a programmer from way back, who used to spend hours sequencing arrangements on prehistoric gear, I was more than stoked to find Bare Ays Productions MIDI files. The sequences are fantastic and spot on, from a guitar bend to a tambourine flan. I had some obscure requests and they were all met with true professionalism.


It makes me think, "Why spend hours pulling out your hair sequencing, when Bare Ays Productions can spend hours pulling out their hair, doing it for you".


I thoroughly recommend Ward & Phil for the BEST MIDI files I've heard.



Andrew Caryofyllis

(Lead Vocalist and Musical Director with Top Sydney Cover Band JELLYBEAN JAM)



I have looked extensively here in Vancouver, Canada for someone who could do my charts etc, and don't get me wrong, there are some very qualified people here to do the job, but unfortunately for them, the quality of work that Bare-Ays Productions puts out is to be unequalled and also your prices are absolutely and totally reasonable.

I am, and would not hesitate to recommend you guy's to anyone in our business, at the rate that you are going gentlemen, I believe that you are going to be in business for a very long time to come, so keep up the good work, you will definitely be getting all mine, and anyone else that I can recommend you to.


Jayeson Bardell

(Superstars In Concert)


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