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What is anime?

Anime is Japanese Animation.. a hobby of mine.

Beginners guide to Anime

A useful source for info on Anime is the Anime Web Turnpike Anime Web Turnpike

More general info at  Anime glossery

Fanfics are stories based on anime or manga. Usually written by an avid fan of anime or manga.. such as me.

A good place to start is..

 Fanfic Mailing List home page

My Anime fun page

Fanfics I am involved in...


 Wolf in Crisis

A Bubblegum Crisis/Shadowrun crossover

Happy Ever After...?

An El-Hazard/AMG Crossover..
(Prologue and part 1)
Updated 6 March 1998
 Happily Ever After : The MST!
By Josh Holmstrom, Dave Row, John Lloyd, Badcat and Jazz... Maniacs all.

The Wake

A short story from the 'Gundam' campaign I am in...
Updated 20 May 1998

Other People's Stories

(That I happened to like and aren't on any other pages as far as I know)

By permission of Ed Becarra

Legion's Quest

 Legion's Quest : Introduction

 Legion's Quest part 1

 Legion's Quest part 2 (Updated 31 Jan 1998)

 Tangled Skeins.. a Twisted path sidestory  Ed in Megatokyo (Updated 5 May 1998)

 Time and Again...  part 1 (Added extra bits 8 March 1998. May not be right order)

 Mi Vida Loco  Ed meets the Dirty pair.. and someone else.. (Updated 5 May 1998)

Here is Ed Becarra's own webpage.


Richard Drysdale happened to write an interesting story..

The Soul of the Machine part 1

 A Bubblegum Crisis Self insertion which does not have the protagonist immediatly join the Knight Sabers. 

David Row's

Ragnarok Agenda and Bubblegum Ragnarok

A Oh My Goddess! and Bubblegum Crisis /Iczer semi-self inserion story

Jussi Nikander's

Half a Sorceress..

a Slayers / Ranma 1/2 crossover

Half a Sorceress 1  Confused? Lina's unusual rebirth!                  7 March 1998
Half a Sorceress 2  Race! The Great Jusenkyou Runaround!         7 March 1998
Half a Sorceress 3  Fight! Showdown in the Amazon Village!     9 June 1999 (RE-REVISED)
Half a Sorceress 4 Dash! The Hair-rising Race Across China!    17 June 1998
Half a Sorceress 5 Daze! The Future Isn't What Used to Be!        2 July 1998
Half a Sorceress 6 Shock! The serenity of the Tendo house is shattered!     9 June 1999  (REVISED!)
Half a Sorceress 7 Mystery! The Dangers of Reckless Spellcasting!  27 December 1999  (NEW)

Jussi's out of the army now... Be afraid... be very afraid...

Nadia - the Secret of Blue Water: Illusion of Peace.    16 December 1998

Nadia - the Secret of Blue Water: A Chairman's Dilemma.  16 December 1998


Other places worth going,  in no particular order

 Twister's page  the one who inspired me to start writing..

 Bert's (AKA the skyknight) page   Latest episode of the BG zone is at Zone Update

Magnesite's anime & fanfiction page   The Sailor Moon Expanded home page..

Webdragon's Fanfic Horde         The 'More Things Change' Homepage.. ROTFLALAL!!!

Stories by Chris Davies..          Dance of Shiva Home Page        The (sur)Real World homepage

Darkwind (Brett Handy)         SKJAM's Fanfics                    El Hazard fanfics

Skywise's Warped Reality         Tempest (Doug Reeve's page)     Zen's Fanfiction Page

Nightelf's Elysium                  Christopher "God-Boy" Angel's Fanfic Page

Spoof Chase Productions        HedgeNet Jeanne Hedge's Homepage.. Great BGC site!

Gamlain 's Home Page   (Youma Blues.. this is not a typical Self Insertion story!)

 Together Again   An epic tale combining many different anime

 -M- Productions         ImproFanfic : A collection of roundrobin fanfics... excellent.

Slayers Demiurge - by Stefan Gagne  Disruptor's Fanfic page


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