Let me tell you a story...

Once there was a Shadowrunner.. Went by the handle of Fenris.. a Wolf totem shaman, who had a little accident and wound up a long way from home.

Once there were four women who pitted themselves against the most powerful megacorporation the world had ever seen...


This is their story...

Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow
In association with
von Harlas Schweremachinerywerk GmbH (Side 3)
(Mobile Suit division)

Wolf in Crisis

Part 1 :  Sic Transit Fenris
(Updated 4 April 1998)
Part 2 :  And the truth will set you free...
(Updated 11 April 1998)
Part 3 :  A desperate twilight struggle
(In progress : Last update 26 Nov 1997)
 Credit where it is due..

And more to come...
What is Bubblegum Crisis?

What is Shadowrun?

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