Neobenthamia gracilis Rolfe

Cool grower
Easy to grow and flower
February to May

A single species of the genus. It is a native of tropical East Africa. Named in honor of George Bentham and English botanist.

An unusual handsome plant, with its charming flowers borne at the top of a tall leafy stem. Flowers are in a tight cluster and usually do not open fully. Reminds me of a white pom-pom. The sepals and petals are white with a golden yellow middle and a red spot on each side near the base. This can be grown in a well draining Cymbidium mix, in full sun all year round. Likes plenty of fertilizer and we top up with a slow release as it can be fed when it rains. Flowers last for a long time very similar, to an Epidendrum radicans, flowers continually coming from the top. Can be pollinated by ants or small insects.

It can be propagated quite easily from keiki's that it will produce in abundance. Well worth having in your collection.


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