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UAC Course Checker

Course Checker takes a UAC course number and searches the UAC database for it. This returns a result in either Course Checker's built-in browser or in your system's default web browser. It has both the name of the course, which university the course it at (including location of that uni i.e. Charles Sturt, Wagga Wagga), what type of course it is (HECS, Fee-paying) and last-years UAI cut-off if it is available.

Course Checker has a few features:

  • Very clean interface
  • Built-in browser with a familiar interface
  • Low resource requirements
  • Small program size
  • URL update - if the UAC changes the URL, Course Checker will update it's own to match!

Here are a few screen shots:

From beta 0.5: screen1.png, screen2.png, screen3.png, screen4.png

And here is a link to download Course Checker (65K¹):

Course Checker is a freeware application that relies on the donations it receives. We hope that people will continue to donate to the continued development of Course Checker.

1 Approximately 1 minute download over a standard 56Kb Modem on a standard phone line