Simple Error

Simple Error takes any MacOS Error code you enter and produces the official (or closely interpreted) description of it. This is useful when a program crashes or, an error occurs. This only works though, for Mac OS Error codes and not Application codes. When finished, it will cover all 10 000 error codes in both MacOS X 10.2 and 10.3

Simple Error has a few features:

Here are a few screen shots:

From beta 0.5: screen1.png, screen2.png, screen3.png, screen4.png

And here is a link to download Simple Error (68K¹): SimpleError.sit

Simple Error is a freeware application that relies on the donations it receives. We hope that people will continue to donate to the continued development of Simple Error.

1 Approximately 1 minute download over a standard 56Kb Modem on a standard phone line