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Bilby Links

The links on this page are here because they are either relevant, interesting or useful - linking to a page does not imply that The Australian Bilby Appreciation Society agrees with the content of the linked page nor does it imply support for, or endorsement of, any products available at the linked site.

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Bilby Information Links

Save the Bilby Fund Save the Bilby Fund

Arid Recovery
At Roxby Downs the Arid Recovery Project have created a 60km2 enclosure into which Bilbies and other mammals have been reintroduced.
Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre
Bilbies bred in captivity here have been release into the wild in WA.
Burra Nimu - The Easter Bilby Jenny Bright's children's story and also some excellent Bilby information
Bilby Fact Sheet From the Endangered Species Unit of the Australian Nature Conservation Agency
Unique Australian Animals Bilby information and photographs

Other Bilby Links

David Fleay Wildlife Park See Bilbies in Queensland (on the Gold Coast)
Currumbin Sanctuary Another place to see Bilbies in Queensland (on the Gold Coast Highway)
Adelaide Zoo The Bilbies are in the nocturnal house.
Taronga Park Zoo See Bilbies in Sydney
Alice Springs Desert Park See Bilbies 10 minutes drive from Alice Springs city centre
Territory Wildlife Park See Bilbies about 57km south of Darwin
Gulliver Media Producers of the Bilby Brothers documentary for TV featuring the Charleville Bilbies - you can view a short video clip.
Canberra Bilbies The Canberra Bilbies are a triathlon club.  The have some good triathlon gear and T-shirts available

Bilby Product Links

Wildflight Australia Australian wildlife posters, postcards and prints
DreamtimeKullilla-Art Aboriginal art by Michael J Connolly. Michael also performs Didgeridoo playing, Aboriginal dancing and Dreamtime storytelling
Gumnut Embroideries Sell a set of sewing designs featuring Bilbies as the central subject. The designs are suitable for sewing on apparel, quilts, wall hangings etc.
Steve Parish Publishing Publishers of many Books featuring Australian Wildlife

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