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Haigh's Easter Bilby

The Easter Bilby mades a special appearance at most Haigh's Chocolates stores each year.
Check with your local store before Easter for details of when he'll be there.
These pictures are from the Melbourne (Block Arcade) store in 1999

Below left he waves to all his friends, and below right the Easter Bilby exercises tolerance as his nose is pinched while he watches a mother preparing a pair of Bilby ears for her child.

Bilbies in the window of Haigh's Chocolates Melbourne store (1999)

Haigh's chocolate Easter Bilby

The Easter Bilby waves to his Appreciators (left) and meets the people (right) outside Haigh's Glenferrie Road store in 1998

Haigh's Chocolates Easter Bilby Car
Haigh's Bilby car (26K jpeg)

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