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Bilbies from Darrell Lea Chocolates

Remember that the purchase of these Chocolate Bilbies will contribute to the Save the Bilby Fund.

Darrell Lea donate:
50c from the sale of each Large Bilby,
30c from each Medium Bilby and
5c from each Small Bilby.
In 2002 they donated $33,459.
In 2003 they donated $40,000.

You can find out more at the Darrell Lea Easter Bilby website (note: this link will open in a new browser window).  This site contains Bilby and  Easter Bilby information as well as photos, video clips, games and competitions.

Milk, Dark and White Chocolate Bilbies in 2 sizes - Large and Medium

A closer look at the Milk Chocolate Bilby

A closer look at the White Chocolate Bilby

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