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What the critics say about 6 Billion™...

Reviews - printed matter

Games Magazine's Games100 for 2001 lists 6 Billion™ is at number 9 (in the Family Strategy category).

December 2000 edition           

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Issue 137. UK magazine with a review of 6 Billion™ by  Mike Siggins. Note: some people, having read this review, think that Mike and I are friends. Mike and I have exchanged a handful of friendly emails, and I met Mike (briefly) for the first and only time during my trip to Spiel '99 in Essen, Germany. 


Issue 139. This issue includes, in full, my reply to Mike Siggins' review of 6 Billion™, plus my Spiel '99 report

Moves Number 102 (DEC/JAN 2001) - a nice review by Jean Jodoin (published here with permission). Also provides a very handy overview of the game's rules and mechanics.

Gamers Alliance - Fall '99 Report. Herb Levy's publication from the USA has a review 6 Billion™.  You can read my response to Herb's review here - David's response to Gamers Alliance.

Counter (Issue 7) - Boardgames reviewed and discussed. UK magazine with a review by Stuart Dagger, editor of Counter. This fairly favourable review is available from the Funagain Games website. My main issue with Mr Dagger was that he told lies about the premises of the game in order to mock it. He abused  his position as editor to challenge the scientific basis of the game, and then refused to let me defend the scientific basis of the game in his magazine. I regard him as a cheap hypocrite. You can read my response to Stuart's review here - David's response to Counter.

Counter (Issue 8) - Boardgames reviewed and discussed. This issue features a shortened version of my article on the Discover Games website on the Design & Production of 6 Billion™.

Counter (Issue 11) - Boardgames reviewed and discussed. UK magazine with a review of Population (Urban Systems, 1971) by Larry Levy. You can read Larry's comments on 6 Billion™ and my response to Larry Levy's comments here - Larry Levy's Comments and David's Response

This issue of Counter also featured my article on Game Theory.

Counter (Issue 12) - Boardgames reviewed and discussed. Contains Stuart Dagger's brief response to  my reaction to Issues 7 & 11. Also features Larry Levy's and Richard Vickery's responses to my article on Game Theory

Spielerei (Issue 46, January to March, 2000) - With a rating system which descends as follows 1+, 1, 1-, 2+, 2, 2- ...down to 6+, 6, 6- my game 6 Billion™ scored a "2-".  I'm happy with that. The review is in German.

WIN (Issue 276, 9. April 2000) - Described as a game with an unusual theme, not for beginners, with a commitment typical to small games companies. The review is in German.

Poeppel Revue of Friedhelm Merz Verlag, the people who run Messe-Essen. Apparently there is a review in an edition in 2000, which is not favourable, but I haven't seen it. The review is in German. It would have been nice to get a free copy (in exchange for the free copy of 6 Billion™ that I gave them), but it appears things don't work that way...

Reviews - On The Internet

Australian web page for the club that helped playtest 6 Billion™. This review by Doug Adams (he likes it). 

Here's another Billabong review, this time from Debbie Pickett

Brett & Board - Mik Svellov's Danish web page, in English, about German games! (6 Billion™ scores 7 out of 10).

Funagain Games in the USA stock 6 Billion™, and encourage their customers to submit reviews. (So far, 6 Billion™ averages 7 out of 10)

Fun & Games in Canada stock 6 Billion™, and there's a review on their Games Review page.

Nagoya EGF - Japan (in Japanese). Review by Masayuki Nakano, who runs Gamestore Banesto in Japan. (I think they like it - they bought more at Essen)

Luding - Review in German by Andreas Keirat. (They give it 5 out of 6!)

Spielphase - Also by Andreas Keirat

Goblins Lair  did the Italian translation, and in their online review think the game is "easy to learn" and "great"! 

Gramps Gaming Club, Wiltshire, England. They give 6 Billion™ 74 out of 100.

Internet Top 100 games run by Aaron D. Fuegi. If you've played 6 Billion™ then here's your chance to vote on it.

Boardgamegeek  - As of 10 September 2004 there were 2,967 viewers of their 6 Billion™ page. I suspect that the game's notoriety has something to do with my correction of Boardgamegeek's initial rather inaccurate attempt to describe the game, the fact that I dared criticise critic Stuart Dagger over his Counter Issue 7 review,  the fact that I was subsequently pilloried on rec.games.board for defending my game against Mt Dagger's lies,  and the fact that I dared correct Jonathan Degann's preview of the game on Boardgamegeek... 

DAC September 2004: I've since expanded upon my exploration of all things exponential on my Exponentialist web site.

Globetrotter Games from Sweden. Here is the unflattering review by Carl-Gustaf Samuelsson.

6 Billion™ was nominated for a Gamers Choice Award in 2000.

Each year, all games for that year are listed in the Tiger Awards  for The Game Report. Hence, 6 Billion™ was listed as a choice in the 2000 Tiger Awards

Game Session Reports

My First Game - This is a report of the first ever game of 6 Billion™ using a production copy of the game.

With Two Players - A few two player game session reports, to highlight the fact that 6 Billion™ plays well as a two player game.

Comments from customers

Henning Skallebaek of Melbourne, Australia. My very first demonstration of the game was to Henning's game group (they bought 4 then, and one later).

This game is one of the few my girlfriend will play as it does not have complex rules.

Brian Hoare of Chippenham, England. Brian and I met for the first time at my Dad's house in England, where I demonstrated the game. Brian has bought a copy.

Thanks for the game (6 billion) last Friday. The game has stayed in my head over the weekend (if I'd done this...). I think you've got a good game there, the game mechanics make a lot more sense when you see them in action and are quite simple. The hidden agendas and optional rules are what really make the game. With a little more thought and realising how close the end of the game was, I think I could have won! (maybe next time, its a game I would play again).

Andy Cox of Bristol, England. Andy is the designer of Buntu Circus. We met at Spiel '99, Essen, and traded games.

Hope your Essen was fruitful. I've played the game; it's great. When I get to Oz we'll have to get together so you can show me how the professionals do it.

Bernhard Klšui was at Spiel '99 :

I bought your game at the Essen fair and played it twice. Congratulations! It is a great game and we all (2x4 persons played it) liked it very much. Maybe also because I won twice!

Best regards from a 6 billion enthusiast!

John Harrington
Fiendish Board Games - makers of Breaking Away, Office Politics, Devil Take The Hindmost and Traffic Lights


Just a quick note to let you know that finally - a month after returning home from Essen - we got a chance to play 6 Billion.  We enjoyed it and look forward to playing it again which I'll certainly need to do before reviewing it.

Other Comments

George Dowsey of Melbourne, Australia. When playtesting 6 Billion I used lots of gamers, and some non-gamers. George was one of the non-gamers.

Thanks for the opportunity to play "6 Billion", I had a great time! I surprised myself as I thought that I wouldn't really enjoy the game as much as I did (maybe winning made all the difference).

Erik Arneson's excellent Boardgames.About.com site provides a brief overview of 6 Billion, with some relevant links.

Dave Farquhar, England. Dave has been my brother-in-law for 20 or so years, but is also a recognised contributor to Sumo and Counter magazines and works closely with Reiner Knizia on boardgames such as Lord Of The Rings. Click here for Dave's comments.

For a list of articles by me, see the Articles page.

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