Billion™ - The Game Of The New Millennium

Designed by David A. Coutts, produced by Board Not Bored Games Pty Ltd, proudly made in Australia.
Listed at Number 9 in Games Magazine's Games100 for 2001

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6 Billion™    
2-5 players. 2-3 Hours. Ages 12 & up.

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The World At Six Billion - United Nations

A game which combines the themes of exponential population growth with the colonisation of our Solar System. The game starts with Earth's population of 6 billion divided between up to 6 factions, including at least one Neutral faction. Players send out colonists and migrants to harvest the riches of the planets and their moons, and the Asteroid Belt. Natural growth limits, plus the Four Riders Of The Apocalypse (War, Famine, Pestilence and Death), slow the growth of your populations. Score points at the end of the game for the biggest and most widespread populations - score double for your HIDDEN AGENDA, or any DISCOVERY cards you hold. Score points during the game for cards played which 'help' the Neutral(s) and other players' populations (in various wicked ways!). Brief Optional Rules allow a player to adjust the otherwise random turn order, and to score bonus points for having a populace which is wealthy, happy or concerned for all life (not just humans).

In 6 Billion™ humanity spreads throughout  the Solar System, but YOU the player, YOU decide the timescale! Hundreds of years, or thousands of years? YOU decide! Realise the future NOW, in 6 Billion™.

A game designed for gamers...there are many strategies possible, plenty of player interaction, a nice balance of luck and skill, and it's high on replayability! If you happen to interested in our future as a race, and you have few hours to spare, then grab some friends and get playing!

 Internet Top 100 games run by Aaron D. Fuegi. If you've played 6 Billion™ then here's your chance to vote on it.

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