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BNBG - Going It Alone
BNBG - 6 Billion (The Planets & The Asteroid Belt)
BNBG - 6 Billion (Exploring Our Demographic Future)
BNBG - 6 Billion (A Brief Demographic History)
BNBG - 6 Billion (Getting Animated)
BNBG - 6 Billion ("Overpopulation" post to KurzweilAI.net)
BNBG - Game Theory
BNBG - 6 Billion (Per Ardua Ad Astra)
BNBG - 6 Billion (Profile - David Coutts)
BNBG - 6 Billion (The Cassandra Prediction)

Articles Related to 6 Billion™

Boardgamegeek - Interviews by an optimist # 33. Tom Vasel interviews David Coutts.

Articles by David Coutts:

Discover Games support games inventors from around the world. Here's an article about the Design & Production of 6 Billion™ which was published on their website.

Designer Notes written for Funagain Games

Read this Planets & The Asteroid Belt article for a brief explanation of why and how I decided upon the numbers for the population tracks. To get an idea of the likely travel times in the Solar System in the Third Millennium, read my Crude Guide To Travel Times In The Solar System. To get an idea of the energy levels throughout the Solar System, read my Crude Guide To Energy Levels In The Solar System. This also introduces the idea of a Heliovore.

6 Billion - A Brief Demographic History - A brief look at how we got to a population of 6 billion. 

Per Ardua Ad Astra - Does 6 Billion™ represent future fact or mere fantasy? An article which looks at the demographic future of humanity.

The Cassandra Prediction - Exploding The ZPG Myth.

Population Doubling  - An explanation of the mechanics of population doubling, and A New Malthusian Scale for measuring populations exponentially.

Game Theory By Anne Enthusiast

A Profile Of David Coutts - Designer of 6 Billion™

Spiel '99 report - I  went to Essen in Germany this year for Spiel '99 Spiel '99 game fair at Messe-Essen - . Roughly 140,000 gamers in 4 days of gaming. 

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