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Links Related to 6 Billion™

 Internet Top 100 games run by Aaron D. Fuegi. If you've played 6 Billion™ then here's your chance to vote on it. As of 7th September 2004  was listed at 1,407th out of almost 4,500 games. 

Billabong Boardgamers - My main source of playtesters for the game, and a great site for play session reports of 6 Billion™ and other games. Join the Billabong Mailing List at Yahoogroups.

There's a Discussion Board at Consimworld under Boardgaming - Multiplayer Boardgamers.

- The 57th World Science-Fiction Convention was held from 2nd to 6th September 1999, right here in Melbourne. Apart from running the Board Not Bored Games stall (with help from Tina and Jo - thanks), I ran the games hall and did demonstrations of 6 Billion™. From 5 demos (with a total 25 players, plus onlookers) I sold 21 copies! I also was given an official game launch as part of the program (being a Melbourne Science-Fiction Club member helped there!), where I gave a talk about my game to an audience of about 18 gaming enthusiasts. There are a couple of snaps on the Photographs page.

To find out more about colonising space, try these links:

The Living Universe Foundation   - The Living Universe Foundation, which was "The Millennial Foundation", founded by Marshall T. Savage author of the inspirational "The Millennial Project".

Link to the Mars Society Crazy guys...they want to colonise Mars of all things! And here I've linked to the Australian chapter

Space.com for a great one-stop site for everything to do with space.

The Great Filter - Written by Robin Hanson with comments by Robert Bradbury. Can humanity survive the great filter, and learn to live in space? Or must we change ourselves, or create new life forms, to do the job?

"The World's Energy Future Belongs in Orbit" - by Dr. O'Neill. Space Studies Institute

The Artemis Project - Their aim is to establish a Lunar colony.

X Prize Foundation - Who will win the X Prize for the race into space?

The Space Transportation Association

The Space Frontier Foundation

The ShareSpace Foundation - Dr. Buzz Aldrin shares his dream of citizens in space.


The Jet Propulsion Lab's Basics of Space Flight Learners' Workbook

The Singularity by Vernor Vinge

Tearing Towards The Spike by Damien Broderick

Konstanin Tsiolkovsky, who said "Humanity will not remain on the Earth forever, but in the pursuit of light and space will at first timidly penetrate beyond the limits of the atmosphere, and then will conquer all the space around the Sun." (August 12,1911)

The World, the Flesh & the Devil (An Enquiry into the Future of the Three Enemies of the Rational Soul) by J D Bernal (written in 1929)

To find out more about supporting technologies, try these links:

The Foresight Institute - The organisation founded to promote nanotechnology for the improvement of the human condition. This includes the online "Engines Of Creation" by K. Eric Drexler

Nanoassembly Of An Aircraft Carrier - Robert Bradbury points out that nanotechnology isn't just about building small things!

Nanodot is a news a discussion page for nanotechnology set up by the Foresight Institute.

Zyvex - The first molecular nanotechnology development company. It includes a transcript of Richard Feynman's groundbreaking talk on nanotechnology from 1959. It also includes Ralph Merkle's excellent Nanotechnology site - A good general start with plenty of links.

KurzweilAI - Futurist Ray Kurzweil's (author of The Age of Spiritual Machines, and The Singularity Is Near) website. Check out some great articles. Here's my response to Max More's article "Life Extension and Overpopulation".

The Extropy Institute - If you want to believe in the future then check this out.

The National Human Genome Research Institute

The Human Genome Project Information

Human Genome Sciences Inc - Just one of the new breed of companies.

The Human Cloning Foundation

Genetic Engineering News

The International Centre For Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

Reprogenetics - Here's a page to tell you all about Dr Lee Silver and his ideas on reprogenetics.

The Life Extension Foundation - Do you want to live longer?

Geron Corporation - A biopharmaceutical company working on cancers and other age-related diseases.

Cold Fusion Times - Up to date developments in the technology of cold fusion.

The Journal Of Artificial Intelligence

Matrioshka Brains - thinking on a colossal scale from Robert Bradbury!

Planet Disassembly - Robert Bradbury says goodbye Jupiter!

The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT

The American Association For Artificial Intelligence

DNA Computers

Centre For Quantum Computation

Artificial Life Bibliography

These are fun...

Fell like talking to A.L.I.C.E?

Or perhaps you like robot soccer? Try Robocup.

Hobbyspace is a great site which aims to make space enjoyable!

Mind Uploading - imagine dumping your mind onto a hard disk...

Shufflebrain by Dr Paul Pietsch - head transplants, holographic minds, xenotransplantation...

To find out more about our Solar System, try these links:

BBC page on our Solar System

Jet Propulsion Labs in California

The Solar System Simulator - A joint venture from NASA/JPL/Caltech

The Solar System by Calvin J. Hamilton. A comprehensive and well laid-out web site.

Solar System Live by John Walker. Set the date & time, and check the position of the planets. This site includes the Home Planet freeware that you can download - amongst other things you can create your own orrery.

Universal Natural History and Theory of Heaven - Read this fine article by the German philosopher Immanuel Kant, written for King Frederick of Prussia in 1755. I've linked to Part 3 "which contains in it an attempt, based on natural analogies, at a comparison between the inhabitants of different planets." Some nice poetry by Englishman Alexander Pope, too.

To find out more about our population, try these links:

United Nations Population Fund - Watch the population clock ticking over!

The Population Reference Bureau - Providing timely and objective information on population.

U.S Census Bureau - World Population Information. This includes a link to recorded and projected growth rates, 1950 to 2050.

Zero Population Growth (now Population Connection)

Population Association Of America

Sustainable Population Australia

To find out more about our environment, try these links:

Animal Diversity Web, University of Michigan

Forest Protection Portal

World Watch Institute - Earthscan

Game Theory (this is not really related - I just find it fascinating):

Stanford Encylopedia Of Philosophy - Game Theory page - Don't be put off - this is a (fairly) good place to start!

Game Theory By Anne Enthusiast - For an entirely different perspective on Game Theory!

The Game Theory Society - Promotes the investigation, teaching and application of Game Theory.

Australian Broadcasting Company Science website with a summary of some Tit For Tat games

Play Prisoner's Dilemma online!

Richard Dawkins own website - author of The Selfish Gene and other books which draw upon Game Theory in the field of Biology.

None Zero - The Logic Of Human Destiny by Robert Wright

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