Recent Updates

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23rd November, 2008 Updated The Planets & The Asteroid Belt and other pages to reflect recent IAU re-classification of planets and dwarf planets
2nd September, 2008 Removed broken links, updated links
10th May, 2008 Added Russian Rules Translation
6th January, 2008 Removed A New Malthusian Scale (see Exponentialist website), Mechanism Of Population Doubling (see Exponentialist website), discussion on 6 Billion™ with Richard Vickery, Matrioshka Brain debate with Robert Bradbury.
18th November, 2005 Updated information on Kuiper Belt Objects
25th February, 2005 Added Portuguese translation of Rules, and Summary. Updated English rules to Version 2.1, and added question 3 on FAQ.
16th September, 2004 Added Games Games Games (Issue 137) review by Mike Siggins, plus my response from Issue 139. More minor amendments of Counter-related pages. Updated my Dave Farquhar 6 Billion review page with link to article by Mike Siggins about Dave (who passed away this year).
14th September, 2004 Re-organised pages relating to Counter 7, 11 and 12. Added Gamers Alliance (Fall 1999) review of 6 Billion by Herb Levy.
10th - 11th September, 2004 Many small updates and fixes to links. Added Moves (Issue 102) review of 6 Billion by Jean Jodoin. 
22nd November, 2003 Updated Spanish Translation of 6 Billion rules, and added Ejemplo de juego  
13th July, 2003 Added Spanish Translation of 6 Billion rules
10th March, 2002 To reduce junk email, I removed all direct links to my email address except the one at Contact me. Each page now links to Contact me.
20th January, 2002 Amended The Cassandra Prophecy to The Cassandra Prediction for copyright reasons (see top of article for detail).
9th December, 2001 Updated links to Nigel Malthus from A New Malthusian Scale
25th November, 2001 Updated all external links
16th July, 2001 Added Moral Restraint variant. Updated The Cassandra Prophecy
3rd June, 2001 Added 512 and 1024 versions to New Malthusian Scale. Added hyperlinks to 6 Billion™ Rules (Version 2).
4th May, 2001 Added Grey Goo - An Exponentialist Explanation, the Alphabet Option For The New Malthusian Scale (constant rate) and the Alphabet Option For The New Malthusian Scale (variable rate)
2nd May, 2001 Added my Overpopulation post to onto 6 Billion™ site, and further small changes to The Cassandra Prophecy and Links
30th April, 2001 Updated Mechanism Of Population Doubling
20th April, 2001 Added new external links supporting my arguments on The Mechanism Of Population Doubling, The Cassandra Prophecy and The New Malthusian Scale. In particular, see {Natural Selection and Differential Reproduction - from Replicators: Evolutionary Powerhouses
16th April, 2001 Added a discussion on 6 Billion™ with Richard Vickery. Added an addendum to Matrioshka Brain debate with Robert Bradbury.
28th March, 2001 Added Dave Farquhar's Comments on 6 Billion™ from 1999. Updated Miscellaneous Articles page to include links to my articles on Design & Production of 6 Billion™  and Designer Notes written for Funagain Games. Updated Crude Guide To Energy Levels In The Solar System to include bibliography.
20th March, 2001 Added Larry Levy's response to my reaction on his comments in Counter 11.
16th March, 2001 Added Stuart Dagger's comments from Counter Issue 12.
9th March, 2001 Updates to David Coutts profile, and The Cassandra Prophecy.
4th March, 2001 Removed brief exploration of demographic future from Per Ardua Ad Astra and created Exploring Or Demographic Future
22nd February, 2001 Improved navigation throughout site. Corrections and enhancements to Population Doubling 
21st February, 2001 Added A New Malthusian Scale. Removed all retail pages not relating to 6 Billion™.
3rd February, 2001 Added The Cassandra Prophecy and Crude Guide To Energy Levels In The Solar System.
9th January, 2001 Added Stuart Dagger's comments on my reply to his review of 6 Billion™ in Counter issue 7. Added a (lengthy) reply to his comments. You can find the whole thing here.
3rd January, 2001 Had to remove DHTML effects from all 6 Billion™ related pages as there were problems viewing the pages from Netscape. (This started when I switched from using FrontPage 98 to FrontPage 2000).
2nd January, 2001 Completed rebuttal to Larry Levy's comments on 6 Billion™ in Counter issue 11 (see Review page for his comments). In the rebuttal, I've added the Kuiper Belt variant (inspired by Freeman J. Dyson). 
30th December, 2000 Updated numerous articles for 6 Billion™ (check the date stamps on the articles, which you'll find under Links). Added Matrioshka Brain variant to Variants page. Added rebuttal to Larry Levy's comments on 6 Billion™ in Counter issue 11 (see Review page for his comments). Also added a link on the Review page to a new review of from The Goblin Lair
23rd December, 2000 Added the Crude Guide To Travel Times In The Solar System for 6 Billion™ and Once Around The Sun
7th December, 2000 Added links to Links page (including the excellent Solarpop Java program), and variants Once Around The Sun & Hunter Gatherer to Variants page for 6 Billion™
20th October, 2000 6 Billion has been listed in Games Magazine's Games100 for 2001!
10th August, 2000 Updated 6 Billion™ pages on Game Theory, Population Doubling Mechanism (added quote from Dawkins) and Per Ardua Ad Astra (added comments on Kardashev).
3rd August, 2000 Added a page on Game Theory (more of a call to arms, really).
1st August, 2000 Added link to 6 Billion™ Designer Notes (written for Funagain Games).
23rd July, 2000 Added Italian translation of 6 Billion™ Variants and Play Hints
22nd July, 2000 Added Italian translation of 6 Billion™ Example Of Play, plus minor updates to English FAQ and Summary Table
21st July, 2000 Added Italian translation of 6 Billion™ Rules (version 2) and Summary Table. Thanks to Guido Ceccarelli (The Goblin) of The Goblin's Lair.
20th July, 2000 Amended Translations offer slightly, and updated Play Hints on
6 Billion™ homepage
15th July, 2000 Added Translations offer to 6 Billion™ homepage
11th July, 2000 Added some links on Game Theory
10th July, 2000 Added Migrants / Colonies design note to FAQ and links to Arthur C. Clarke and Marshall T. Savage articles to Per Ardua Ad Astra. Just finished reading Ray Kurzweil's The Age Of Spiritual Machines - I've added various links across the 6 Billion™ pages.
8th July, 2000 Re-arranged 6 Billion™ homepage to make links more obvious, plus minor changes. Updated Earth First variant on Variants page. Removed all rules questions from FAQ (which were incorporated into Version 2 of the rules back on 5th February, 2000).
7th July, 2000 Added Earth First variant, and made minor changes, to 6 Billion™ Variants page. Updated Per Ardua Ad Astra to link to Variants page.
6th July, 2000 Updated 6 Billion™ Reviews page, added a link to my Favourites from my Profile page and tweaked article Per Ardua Ad Astra.
3rd July, 2000 Updated 6 Billion™ homepage, and article Per Ardua Ad Astra.
25th April, 2000 Added article on How We Got To 6 Billion, and Australia In Detail as background information for a future 6 Billion™ variant.
24th April, 2000 Updated 6 Billion™ Reviews page with my responses to Counter and Gamers Alliance.
13th February, 2000 Updated Population Doubling Mechanism article for 6 Billion™
5th February, 2000 Added Rules (Version 2) page , and updated Reviews, Links6 Billion™ homepage
18th January, 2000 Thanks for the feedback on the Per Ardua Ad Astra page for 6 Billion™. I've made some changes as a result.
17th January, 2000 Updated Play Hints for 6 Billion™
3rd January, 2000 Updated Population Doubling Mechanism, and Per Ardua Ad Astra pages for 6 Billion™
29th December, 1999 Updated Play Hints, Variants, Links, Population Doubling Mechanism, and Per Ardua Ad Astra pages for 6 Billion™
23rd December, 1999 Updated 6 Billion™ homepage, Links and Reviews pages
16th December, 1999 Updated Reviews page for 6 Billion™
12th December, 1999 Added The Planets & The Asteroid Belt design notes for  6 Billion™
11th December, 1999 Created separate Links page for 6 Billion™
4th December, 1999 Corrected format problems to various emails (they should all work now), updated Reviews page and Play Hints and links for 6 Billion™
29th November, 1999 Minor changes to Deutsch Regeln (12.3, 13.4, &14.1)
24th November, 1999 Added link to Design & Production of 6 Billion™ on Discovergames website.
19th November, 1999 Added Beispielpartie mit den Grundregeln page, updated Spiel '99 report slightly, and Reviews page
14th November, 1999 Added my Spiel '99 Essen report. Added Discover Games link and link to Going It Alone article about the Design and Production of
6 Billion™ 
13th October, 1999 Added Reviews links page
12th October, 1999 Added Translation page (German/Deutsch only at the moment) for
6 Billion™
26th September, 1999 Minor changes to Profile, Example Of Play and Population Doubling Mechanism pages.
22nd September, 1999 Added details for Spiel'99. We're at Stand Number 903, Hall 9.
18th September, 1999 was held 2nd to 6th September, 1999. As it's over, I've updated the 6 Billion™  page and Photographs page. Tidied up Profile page.
1st September, 1999 Added Profile page link and Population Doubling Mechanism page links to 6 Billion™  page. Updated comments on Photographs page. Added links to sites about our Solar System to 6 Billion™  page.
30th August, 1999 Added Photographs page
29th August, 1999 Change to Orange's turn 9 in 6 Billion™ Example of Play.
Updated FAQ.
21st August, 1999 Added 2-Player Game Reports to 6 Billion™. Highlighted the Billabong Session Report for My First Game of 6 Billion™.
17th August, 1999 Added Click to view the Australian Made Campaign homepage to 6 Billion™  page.
12th August, 1999 Improved navigation between 6 Billion™ pages, and minor cosmetic changes.
11th August, 1999 Updated FAQ and Variants again for 6 Billion™
7th August, 1999 Updated 6 Billion™ homepage (International Postage rates) - it's available NOW! Also updated 6 Billion™ Example Of Play, FAQ and Variants pages. Australian postage rates now 15%.