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This is the homepage of Robert Lunnon, here you will find various resources relating to projects I am interested in.

Wine IE6

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6  under Solaris

Places to Go From Here

(Wine is not an emulator)
Solaris 9 x86 Binaries
Solaris 9 wine Readme

Solaris 10 x86 Binaries
Solaris 10 wine Readme

Phil Browns Pages -
An Audio Library for Solaris
Sun Microsystems
Utah GLX
Accelerated OpenGL for Unix

Wine Support

Interestingly while I maintain a wine distribution for Solaris I can't really say why,  since I never really use wine myself. I do it purely to contribute to the Solaris community. This means I can really only give limited free support for wine in my spare time and of course I tend to focus on what interests me.

This is ok for me of course, but what happens if you want to transition your business to Solaris but you have a key application that must work before you can do that?

Well contact me and I'll be happy to consider paid wine development targeting your favourite applications. You will of course need to supply a temporary license to the application, and installation media. I'm also happy to accept donations to support my wine habit...  Drop me a line at (Remove the N.O.S.P.A.M. bit)


I am a proud member of the OpenSolaris pilot team which hopes to bring you OpenSolaris, real soon now