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George DEW (1820-1883)
Son of William DEW & Ann HILL

Married 29 April 1849
Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire
Witnesses: Eli Jones & Jane Bull

Jane HILLMAN (1828-1891)
Daughter of James HILLMAN & Mary SMITH

George DEW also married:
Charlotte WATTS (died between 1846 and 1848)
Daughter of Daniel WATTS & Possibly Elizabeth WEBB
Married 21 April 1840
Dilton Chapel, Westbury, Wiltshire
Witnesses: Jacob WALTERS & Harriet WATTS
This couple also married in 1840, Westbury

George DEW and his wife, Jane HILLMAN were both born in Westbury, Wiltshire. This was George's second marriage. His first marriage to Charlotte Watts took place in 1840 from which there were three surviving children; Job, Eli and Hannah DEW.

In the 1851 census there are just these three children and the family is living in Dilton Marsh , Westbury, Wiltshire. By 1857 George and Jane have two children by their own marriage, Albert and Emily. It was at this time that the family took advantage of the free passage offered to the new colony of South Australia, and found passage on the vessel MARION, arriving in Port Adelaide on the 19th of January 1857. Also onboard the MARION were Jesse DEW, his wife Ann ADLAM and their six children from the same villiage of Dilton Marsh in Wiltshire.

In 1857 Queen Victoria's 63 year reign of the Bristish Empire was already 20 years old and the fledgling 'free' colony of South Australia was also just a little over 20 years old. It had a growing population of 109,000 and was now the major producer of wheat in Australia. The Adelaide to Gawler railway was opened in 1857 and the right to vote, granted to adult men in 1856, was able to be exercised in the states first elections of both houses of parliament.

South Australia had lost a great number of its early colonists to the Victorian goldfields during the 1850s but some of these fortune seekers were now returning along with new colonists from England and Germany etc. as well as a steady trickle of settlers from the older colonies of eastern Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. Later miners were encouraged with generous grants to move, or return, to the labour strapped South Australian mines such as Moonta, Burra, Kapunda and Wallaroo. Members of our DEW family who became miners later moved to settle and work in the new mining towns of Western Australia such as Pingelly, Narrogin.

Soon after George DEW and his family's arrival in South Australia, a son, William George DEW, was born on the 6th of June 1858 in Chain Of Ponds, South Australia. We know from birth records that at this time there was another DEW family living in the Chain of Ponds area who were also from Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire. This was the family of James & Fanny DEW. James was George's younger brother who had immigrated with his wife Fanny in 1851. James and Fanny DEW eventually moved their family further north to settle in the Burra area of South Australia.

Apart from the Dew families mentioned above, there appears to have been only one other Dew family in the early Pioneer years of South Australia (1837-1900). This was the family of George Dew & Dinah Pomeroy who arrived in 1840 with their infant daughter Ann Elizabeth on board the BABOO. While the other three Dew families all came from Dilton Marsh, Westbury, Wiltshire, George and Dinah Dew were from the Salisbury area of Wiltshire. They settled in the Adelaide area of South Australia, where their three surviving sons also married and raised their families. The details of this Dew family are recorded on a separate Family History web page on this site in the hope that a visitor will recognise them and contact us.

We do not know what relationship Jesse DEW had to George DEW, (brother, cousin, uncle etc) or if Jesse and Ann DEW were also in the Chain Of Ponds area during 1857 & 1858 at the same time as George Dew & James Dew. Jessie & Ann had no further children after arriving in South Australia which makes their movements in the earlier years difficult to trace.

We know from the MARION's passenger list that one of George DEW's children, Job DEW, appears as a member of Jesse DEW's family. Why this should be is not clear, but it may have been for economic reasons. The Emigrant Regulations of the time stipulated that adult emigrants, children up to one year and those over 15 years were given free passage. While a charge of three shillings was to be paid by the parents, friends or parish, for each child between the ages of 1 year and 15 years.

These DEW families all seperated soon after arrival in South Australia. While George and Jane DEW moved to the Borossa Valley area, settling in Cockatoo Valley and James took his family to Burra, Jesse and Ann DEW travelled south with their six children to settle in distant Mount Gambier near the Victorian border. There is some evidence, however, that the families remained in contact, particularly as far as Job DEW and the family of Jessie DEW are concerned.

Like many new colonists, George DEW left his old trade, that of weaver, behind to became at first a farmer in Cockatoo Valley near Gawler, South Australia. Later the family moved to Salisbury, George becaming a greengrocer and shop keeper. He was a very strict Babtist and lay preacher in his local church. The family were not allowed to even cook on Sundays. He died of heart disease in Salisbury, 2 Nov 1883, aged 63. his son Frank registered his father's death that same day. George was buried in the dusty Salisbury Cemetary, South Australia, far from the villages and green fields of his Wiltshire youth.

Read George and Jane's grandson's letter to his own granddaughter written approx 1974 here

After her husband's death, Jane DEW appears to have moved north to the mining town of Kapunda to join her youngest daughter, Ruth and son-in-law, William HAWKE (related to the family of Bob HAWKE, Prime Minister of Australia from 1983 to 1991). She passed away on the 21st of September 1891 aged 63 and is buried in Kapunda, South Australia.

Children of George DEW (1820-1883) & Jane HILLMAN (1828-1891):

Albert DEW (1854-1927) b. Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire
Married: 9 Sep 1877, South Australia
Annie Jane (Alice) McMIllan (1854-1935)
Daughter of Charles McMILLAN & Ann TULLOCK
Ann Jane DEW b. 1878
Albert George DEW (1880-1939)
Edith Rachael Rose DEW b. 1882
William Charles DEW b. 1884
Lillian Ruth DEW b. 1887
Ida Mirriam DEW b. 1891
Edward Frank Laurence DEW (1894-1985)
Ruby May DEW b. 1896
Violet Linda Mary DEW b. 1900

Emily DEW(1857-1910) b. Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire
Married: 6 Nov 1877, South Australia
William PATTERSON b. 1856
Son of Andrew PATTERSON
William George PATTERSON b. 1878
Sarah Jane PATTERSON b. 1880
Frank PATTERSON b. 1882
Emily May PATTERSON b. 1884
Andrew James PATTERSON b. 1886
Joseph Samuel PATTERSON b. 1888
Frederick Charles PATTERSON b. 1890
Annie Ethel Rose PATTERSON b. 1893

William George DEW (1858-1866) b. South Australia

Mary Ann DEW (1860-1935) b. South Australia
Married: 11 May 1879,
Evan Gwynne (1858-1935)
Son of Robert GWYNNE & Francis DAVIS
Albert Evan GWYNNE b. 1880
Edith Matilda GWYNNE b. 1881
George William GWYNNE b. 1883
Herbert James GWYNNE b. 1886
Arthur Andrew GWYNNE b. 1890
Ruth Ivy GWYNNE b. 1892
Roy Thomas GWYNNE b. 1895
Percy Harold GWYNNE b. 1898
Muriel Violet May GWYNNE b. 1900
Annie Olive Pearl GWYNNE b. 1902

Frank DEW (1862-1944) b. South Australia
Married: 3 Dec 1884, South Australia
Eliza Ann Helps (1864-1918)
Daughter of John HELPS & Eliza Martin WYATT
Annie Jane DEW (1885-1950)
George Albert DEW (1887-1951)
Hedley Charles James DEW b. 1889
Emily Rose DEW b. 1892
Elsie Amy DEW b. 1894

Louisa Jane DEW (1864-1926) b. South Australia
Married: 1884 Gawler, South Australia
Frederick Charles McMILLAN (1860-1896)
Son of Charles McMILLAN & Ann TULLOCK
Frederick Lawrence McMILLAN (1885-1973)
William John McMILLAN b. 1886
Herbert Horace McMILLAN (1888-1890)
Myrtle Rachael McMILLAN b. 1890
Elsie Amy McMILLAN b. 1891
Roy Reginald McMILLAN b. 1893
Harold Howard McMILLAN b. 1895

Also: Fredrich ORCHARD
Gordon Joseph McMillan ORCHARD (1899-1899)

Also: 26 Feb 1901 Adelaide, South Australia
James Wilfred FREAK b. 1875
son of Stephen FREAK & Mary Jane GREAVES
No Children

Rosa DEW (1866-1947) b. South Australia
Married: 24 May 1890 Gawler, South Australia
William Henry HARVEY (1863-1948)
Son of Samuel HARVEY & Fanny MILLER
Hilda Emily HARVEY (1892-1980)
George Samuel HARVEY (1894-1975)

George James DEW (1868-1911)
Married: 1902 Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
Isabella Margaret SHEA (1871-1911)

Ruth DEW b. 1871 South Australia
Married: 1890 Kapunda, South Australia
William Albert HAWKE b. 1867
Son of James Renfrey HAWKE & Elizabeth TREWARTHA
William Percival HAWKE b. 1892
Ethel Pearl HAWKE (1893-1944)
Hilda Ruth HAWKE b. 1896
Clarice Amy HAWKE b. 1898

Children of George DEW (1820-1883) & Charlotte WATTS (d. abt 1846) :-

Job DEW (1841-1904) b. Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire
Married: 1869 Gawler, South Australia
Sarah Gain PITMAN b. 1848
Daughter of John PITMAN & Grace HAWKINS
Emma Jane DEW b. 1869
Eva Jamima DEW (1872-1875)
William Arthur DEW b. 1874
Annie Louisa DEW b. 1876
Edith Alice DEW b. 1878
Ida Grace DEW b. 1880
Mabel Maud DEW b. 1883
Hilda May DEW b. 1887

Hannah DEW b. 1846 Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire
Married: 1867 St.Paul's, Adelaide
George SALEMIN b. 1840
Son of William SALEMIN
Emma Dew SALEMIN b. 1865 S.A.
William George SALEMIN b. 1871 N.Z.
Zella Ellen SALEMIN b. 1872 N.Z.
Frank Peter Eli SALEMIN b. 1874 N.Z.
George Dew SALEMIN b. 1876N N.Z.
James John SALEMIN b. 1878 N.Z.
Albert Arthur SALEMIN b. 1880 N.Z.

Eli DEW (1843-1920) b. Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire
Married: 1874 Redruth, South Australia
Eliza Ann TIVER (1856-1875)
Daughter of Charles TIVER
Eliza Ann Tiver DEW (1875-1875)

also Married: 1876 Riverton, South Australia
Eliza ANEAR (1858-1927)
Daughter of George & Harriet ANEAR
Charlotte Harriett DEW b. 1877
Ellen Adelima DEW b. 1878
George Richard DEW b. 1880
Frederick Eli DEW b. 1882
Olive Alice DEW b. 1885

1841 Census for Wiltshire UK

Address: Stormore, Westbury, Wiltshire

George Dew 20 Weaver born Wiltshire
Charlotte Dew 20 born Wiltshire
(next door)
William Dew 45 Weaver born Wiltshire
Ann Dew 40 born Wiltshire
Jonah Dew 20 Weaver born Wiltshire
Alfred Dew 15 Weaver born Wiltshire
Charlotte Dew 12 born Wiltshire
James Dew 10 born Wiltshire
Mary Dew 6 born Wiltshire

1851 Census for Wiltshire UK:

Address: Diltons Marsh, Wiltshire

George Dew Head Marr. 30 Hand Loom Weaver Wool born Westbury, Wiltshire
Jean (Jane) Dew Wife Marr. 24 Hand Loom Weaver Wool born Westbury, Wiltshire
Job Dew Son 9 Guil? Winder Wool born Westbury, Wiltshire
Eli Dew Son 7 Scholar born Westbury, Wiltshire
Hannah Dew Dau. 5 Scholar born Westbury, Wiltshire.

Rosa DEW (1866-1947) with husband, William Henry HARVEY (1863-1948)
Photograph taken in the garden of their home in Brown Street, Willaston, South Australia early 1940s.

Thanks go to Connie Newton, Ian Dew, Lorraine Hann, Betty Tulloch, Nori Witter,
Frank Mold for their help in compiling this Dew Family History

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