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EDWARD HOBAN 1867-1940

This is an attempt to gather all the various pieces of information we have collected so far regarding our great grandfather, Edward Hoban. We hope to see how they might fit together in a logical sequence of events that can prove (or disprove) that the Edward Hoben born in 1867 Birmingham, is the same man as the Edward Hoban who died in 1940 Birmingham aged 72.

The first events in the following list concern the family history of Edward Hoben/Hobern from the time of his birth in 1867 to the time he left service in the Kings Royal Rifles in 1892.

After 1892 we are certain the events recorded are those of our great grandfather Edward Hoban but, due to discrepancies on his marriage certificate regarding his father's name, there is still a chance that before 1892 we might be dealing with a different Edward.

Having had a similar mistake made on my own marriage certificate, (where by my grandfather is shown as my father because my grandfather gave me away), I feel that here also we are dealing with a simple mistake. This could have been caused by Edward's father being absent from the family for such a long time that Edward had forgotten his name. The fact that Edward's mother, being deceased, was not present at the ceremony to correct any mistakes might also have played a part.

Another possiblity is that Edward deliberatly used his brother Richard's name on his marriage certificate, not wanting to use the name of the father who had possibly deserted his family. But if that were the case why would he use his father's occupation of bricklayer, rather than Richard's brass worker?

Another snippet of family lore is in regards to a business that Ed Hoban is said to have inherited and which he passed on to his sister. That sister apparently then sold the business in order to emmigrate to Canada. The business was said to have been a stone masons but was this in England or Ireland? It seems unlikely that Ed would have inherited this business if he had had an older brother. Therefore it seems reasonable to deduce that the brother who died in the army was Richard Hoben and that he was already deceased by the time Ed came into his inheritence. The only other brother we have any knowledge of is Thomas Henry and we know Thomas Henry was still alive in the 1920s.

Family history of Edward Hoben

1. Parents John Hoben & Jane Harris married before 1865.
They do not appear in the 1861 Warwickshire Census. Both were from Ireland but it is still not known if they married there or in the UK.

2. Edward Hoben born 18 Dec 1867 Birmingham
Father John Hoben, mother Jane Harris. Father's occupation is bricklayer

3. Ed Appears in 1871 census as Edwin Hobern aged 3, born Birmingham
with father John Hobern & mother Jane. Both born in Ireland
Also in this census is brother Richard and sister Ann Hobern

4. Ed Appears in 1881 Census as Ernest Hoborn 13, a brass worker,
with mother Jane Hoborn, address: Angelina Terrace, Birmingham
Head of the house is now Henry Bates, a brass worker
Also in this census are Ed's brothers Richard & Thomas and sisters Mary & Ann.
There is also a baby named Mary who is possibly the daughter of Ed's sister, Mary Hoborn (whose name may be Mary Harris)

5. Ed joined the Kings Royal Rifles as Edwin Hobern in August 1884 and gave his age as 18, occupation "iron castor", born Birmingham. He is said to have tattoos on both forearms, grey eyes and brown hair.
There is another Hobern in the same regiment who might be Ed's brother Richard. Richard Hoben is not found after the 1881 census in BDMs or later census and Ed spoke of a brother who died in the army
He gives next of kin as his mother, Jane Hobern, address: Angelina Terrace, Birmingham

6. Ed served in Cyprus from 21 Feb 1885 to 1 June 1886

7. He served in Gibraltar from 2 Jun 1886 to 7 Dec 1891 after which time he returned to the UK

8. Ed's mother Jane Hobern appears in the April 1891 census with son Thomas Henry and daughter? Mary 10.
Henry Bates is still head of the house but Jane Hobern is now listed as lodger rather than wife, as in the 1881 census.
Jane's son, Thomas Henry Hoban, eventually moved with his wife Agnes and family to live in Smethwick, Kings Norton. There was a Hoban family connection to Smethwick mentioned by Keith Hoban's uncle, Joe Hoban

9. Ed is transferred to 1st class A reserves in January 1892

10. Ed's mother Jane Hoben dies June Quarter 1892 Birmingham

What follows next is undoubtedly our great grandfather, Edward Hoban.

11. Ed Married Matilda Humphries 11 Oct 1892 as Edwan Hoben, occupation brass castor
Ed's father's name on the marriage certificate appears as Richard (or Michael) Hoben, bricklayer

12. Ed's Children's births
a. BC Matilda 1893 - shows father Edwin Hoban, tube works labourer
b. BC Edwin 1894 - shows father Edwin Hoban, iron tube drawer (journeyman)
c. BC Ernest 1895 - shows father Edward Hoban, tube drawer (journeyman)
d. BC Richard 1897 - shows father ?
e. BC Albert 1899 - shows father Edwin Hoban, tube drawer (journeyman)
f. BC Matilda 1901 - shows father Edwin Hoban, tube drawer
g. BC Florence 1902 - shows father Edwin Hoban, tube drawer
h. BC Catherine 1903 - shows father Edwin Hoban, tube drawer

13. Ed appears in 1901 census as Edwin Habern, 33, tube drawer
With wife Matilda and sons Edwin, Ernest, Richard, and Albert
(The first daughter named Matilda died in 1893. Son Albert died in 1904 as did daughter Catherine, while daughter Florence died in 1903)

14. Electral Roll Info for Edward Hoban
a. 1920 Hoban, Edwin 15 Blossom Avenue
b. 1922 Hoban, Edwin 15 Blossom Avenue
c. 1927 Hoban, Edward 15 Blosson Avenue

15. Marriage Certificate for Matilda Hoban to Albert Powell in 1921 shows Matilda's father as Edwin Hoban, tube drawer.
On the original marriage certificate Father W. Walker has noted and signed in the border that the bride's father's name should read "Edward Hoban"

16. In the December Quarter of 1929, Ed's wife, Matilda Hoban nee Humphries died.
Matilda was a red head and it is said that at the time of her death, at the age of 60, she still did not have a grey hair in her head.
17. Death Index, June Quarter, 1940 shows Edward Hoban aged 72 Birmingham - this gives a birth date of 1867/68

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