Update: Apple just replied to an email that I sent them, and they said that it will not void your warranty. Here's the letter they sent me.

2nd Update: This very iPod is for sale. Head on over to Atomic to bid. Sorry, Australian people only.

3rd Update: After not touching this site for about half a year, I decided to update a little. Well its good to see other people doing this, Nathan Otis from the iPodlounge forums did an amazing flame design on his iPod. Check it out:

So, you don't like the sweaty hand on the back of an expensive MP3 player look? I don't either.

Brush the back of the iPod to make it look better I hear you say? Indeed.

Now, first things first, I do not take any responsiblilty for what you do to your iPod, depending on who you talk to, it will probably void your warranty, whadever, you do it at your own risk. Just needed to get that out of the way.

Now, this is not a hard job to do, it takes a bit of patience and precision, but it is well worth it. It took me about an hour from start to finish, so just set aside a bit of time and you can get there.

Or, just go directly to the photo gallery, its much easier.

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. Created on 12th of November, 2003

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