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The Bunworth origins can be traced back to Barkston, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom in the late 1400 -1500's.  The earliest ascendant identified is William Bunworth of Marston.  His will is dated 25th January 1534 and he married Jenett.  The Bunworth Coat of Arms (MS.23, Heralds' College, Marl. MS.759) is said to be Ermine, on a bend cotised sable, three church bells argent.

Popular opinion is that the Bunworth family emigrated to Ireland to the 1600's and established themselves around the County of Cork.

The 1800's saw many of Bunworth's emigrate to Australia and the United States of America.

This Web Site has been created to promote research into the Bunworth family.  Please view the research material linked to this page.  

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