Callum Gibson's Budget Homepage

Welcome to this no-frills homepage. If you care what I look like, let's get it over with now and click here.

What I do

As little as possible. Mostly I work. I'm a software engineer (fancy name for computer programmer that makes you sound more prestigious) for Deutsche Bank in Sydney, Australia. I've been there some considerable time now (since 1991) but I'm open to suggestions. Apart from that I am married to Jenny and we have 4 children so you can guess what the rest of my time is spent doing. We live in Ashbury which is a suburb in the inner west of Sydney and attend Ashfield Baptist Church, which is nearby. We've been going there pretty much the whole time we've been married. I'm involved in running a bible study group which meets in our home, and playing bass and guitar as part of the worship team.

Stuff I like

Things for which I'm famous

Okay, not really, but if you search the web for my name you will see it come up in a number of places (which are actually me).
Anything about horse riding in NZ or under-8 cricket in the UK is another guy.

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