Specialised breeder of extra special colourpoint/himalayan & tabby Persians    

EST 1996

Member of the Feline Control Council Of Victoria (FCCV)

Member of the Atlantic Himalayan Club in USA (AHC)

*Catmandu Cattery only breed kittens that are DNA clear for
     Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)!!!


Welcome to CATMANDU cattery, we breed conservatively & exclusively for quality kittens!

My name is Karen Thomson, I live in a bayside suburb of Melbourne, Australia.  

 Catmandu Cattery is very small of two breeding females and one male! All cats are kept indoors and kittens are raised "underfoot" in a loving home environment. Kittens only go to exceptional homes. Our cats are loving pets 1st that will live with us permanently because they are our family!  I exhibit regularly at most local shows, and travel interstate for larger National Shows. I breed only with Polycystic Kidney Disease negative Persians from a DNA test! Please read the following 2 sites on PKD - info & test.  That means my kittens can never get PKD & should live for 15-20yrs!

I am very selective about selling kittens for breeding as it is a large responsibility that I don't take lightly! All Catmandu kittens are to go to a home that is permanent!! I don't agree with putting these dear souls through more than one home in their lives. If it was to occur due to unforeseen circumstances then I would like to be consulted 1st please!

Catmandu kittens are vaccinated/dewormed, micro chipped and desexed before leaving here at 12wks old. They also have pet insurance covering them for 6wks after leaving here. I have a comprehensive information package that is provided along with a kitten show bag with food samples and toys. I give hands on grooming instructions before kittens leave for their new homes! Ongoing advice is welcomed & encouraged!!

 Thank you : Catmandu Cattery wouldn't be where it is today without the kind help and friendships of Debbie Cummings (Maskad)  and Vicki Morskate (Loretto) and Suzette Greentree.

Please feel free to contact me via email or telephone

Karen Thomson, Bayside, Victoria, Australia 
















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 Catmandu Cattery

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2016- New stud import  from Poland Ch.Vistoria Sweetheart.