Muses for the 21st Century

© 2000 Charles Cave

Atko - Muse of Software Designers and developers - modelled on Bill Atkinson, inventor of the Apple Hypercard program and the Quickdraw routines. Bill invented a program (Hypercard), the likes of which had never een seen. Intelligence, passion, and dedication to the task represent this software designer. (More information in "From Pepsi to Apple" by John Sculley).

Aldo - Muse of Graphic Designers - modelled on Aldus Manutius, the typeface designer and name behind the Aldus Pagemaker program. Pagemaker was a breakthrough program for desktop publishing.

Jimbo - Muse of Literature - modelled on James Joyce - punster, and author. Joyce's last book (Finnegans Wake) took 17 years to write and contains words and puns in over 30 languages.

Quark - Muse of Physics - named after the quark (a subatomic particle), invented by Murray Gell Mann.

Kubros - Muse of Film-maker - named after Stanley Kubrick, my favourite filmmaker. Kubrick was a true cinematic genius and his works include 2001: Space Odyssey, Clockwork Orange, Eyes Wide Shut, Doctor Strangelove, Paths of Glory and The Shining.

Hendrox - Muse of Guitarists - named after Jimi Hendrix, a pioneer and superp player of the electric guitar. Jimi is still an inspiration to young guitarists today.

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