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Tides - All you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask!Bob Furnell "Side By Side"
The Toumoa BellDave & Penny Kerr

The Toumoa Bell

Dave & Penny Kerr

The village of Toumoa is situated on the edge of a beautiful large lagoon on Fauro Island, one of the Shortland Islands which are the Northern most part of the Solomon Islands. The village of 800 is about 14NM "as the crow flies" from Bougainville, PNG. The people live a subsistence lifestyle and the village is well led and a happy place. 

Toumoa was occupied by the Japanese during WWII and the men who did not escape to the hills were enslaved. Children were required to attend a Japanese school. The initial colonising attitudes of the Japanese Navy personnel were superseded by the harsher regime of the army; the women and children were driven out to caves in the hills and survived until the end of the war on coconuts and fish caught when they sneaked out at night. 

This was an area of intense battles and the US bombed and shelled the village and totally destroyed it. The village used to be visited by yachts up until the Bougainville crisis about 12 years ago. We were the first yacht to visit in over ten years. As there are only one or two watches/clocks in the village, all activity is regulated by bells (for instance, start work, lunch time, school starts..........). 

The current "bell" is a left over shell casing from the war; the sound does not carry very far and it is rather harsh. The wonderful 30cm Toumoa Bell, obtained by Mike DeBurca, is being donated by the CCCA to the people of Toumoa. They will build an open-sided structure with a small roof to house it in the village square. The bell is a wonderful gift and hopefully CCCA members for many decades to come will visit Toumoa where they will be greatly welcomed. G
Tides - All you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask!

Bob Furnell "Side By Side"

On the 18th of September 2003 Bob Furnell gave a very interesting and well researched presentation on the science of tides. Not only did Bob cover the history of the development of our understanding of what makes the water go "up" and "down" he also created some very descriptive animations to show how the sun and moon work together to give us our tidal variations. The slide show also contains a number of good quality photos of scientific instruments developed to predict the tides. 

Click on this link to view Bobs presentation in full (NB: This presentation does require Internet Explorer version 4.0 or later for best results).

Bob also provided the following useful links that were discovered during the research of this presentation:-

Thanks Bob for a great evenings entertainment and all the work you put into it!