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Billabong Boardgamers January 2nd, 1998

Present:- Alan Stewart, David Coutts, Julian Warner & Doug Adams.

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David Coutts writes:

Played:- Britannia (Avalon Hill) & Settlers Of Catan (Mayfair 1st Edition)


A random draw of the factions saw Doug draw Green, David draw Red, Julian draw Blue and Alan draw Purple. Pre-draw discussion (based on player experience) had seen Red favourite, followed Blue, Purple, Green. Alan has the score sheet for the individual factions, but I can give the overall scores at the end…

Turn 1.

Alan’s Roman’s got things under way, typically annihilating the poor Belgae (one did survive in Kent until Turn 2, and they scored 10 points, I think). The Brigantes were down to 4 areas after turn 1 (not enough to submit), and so vacated the East coast to give the Romans access to the Picts. They did take a fort out though. So much for the doomed "English Celts". In Wales the Welsh bred more Welsh. In Scotland the Caledonians also bred, negotiating an early non-aggression pact with the Picts.

Turn 2.

The Brigantes took out 1 Roman before submitting, and the Romans failed to penetrate past Dunedain against the Picts. The Welsh & Caledonians bred, the Picts licked their wounds & bred. Actually, I think both the Welsh & the Picts took out a fort each at this point.

Turn 3.

The Romans were a bit thin on the ground and opted to defend remaining forts. The Irish didn’t raid, preferring to wait for next turn’s raiders. Nothing much else happened.

Turn 4.

Roman reinforcements manned the remaining forts, particularly in the South. This left the Picts fairly strong in Scotland, with their non-aggression pact with the Caledonians still holding at this point (I think). The Welsh may have taken out another isolated fort, then the Picts did the same. The Irish successfully raided the Welsh, the sole Scottish raider biding his time in the Irish Sea. The Jutes were forced to attack a Roman army & fort in Kent, and took out the army but died in the process. The Saxons successfully raided this isolated fort, and the Welsh in Devon. The Angles also were successful raiders against the Romans.

Turn 5.

2 more Roman reinforcements, and the Romans combined a distinct liking of the hills (looking to set up a haven for Arthur and the Romano-British) with further defence of remaining forts. The Welsh repopulate Dyffed & Devon which were raided last turn. I think around this time the Caledonians pushed into Skye for Lebensraum. The Scots waited at sea. The Jutes captured Kent (for now) and attacked Romans. Possibly that was next turn, but they scored 5 points in total and got bagged up early. The Irish settled in Devon at the expense of the Welsh (it gave them limited growth, and a route into Wales proper). The Saxons successfully raided the Romans again, and this turn and/or next took out the Jutes. The Angles successfully raided Romans. The overall Roman haul, after Limes, was fairly average.

Turn 6.

Goodbye Romans, hello Romano-British. The Welsh either sat tight or lost a man against the Irish settlers in Devon. The Picts reclaimed Skye. The Scots attacked the Brigantes in Strathclyde (successfully. The Saxons failed against the Welsh in Cornwall (for now), but left the Romano-British with only 2 areas (Downlands & Hwicce). The Angles took out a Romano-Brit too. The Jutes got bagged up.

Turn 7.

Arthur hid in Downlands (but the Saxons killed him anyway). The Brigante leader recaptured Strathclyde with the 2 remaining Brigantes. The Irish captured Gwent. Fergus led his lads against the Picts in Dalriada (with losses) and Dunedain (… I think). The Saxons captured Cornwall and finished off the Romano-Brits. The Angles took out the Dunedain Scot, a Saxon in Lindsay, and maybe a Romano-Brit or two. A non-aggression pact was reached between the Angles & the Saxons (much to the disgust of Alan & Doug).

Turn 8.

The Picts take out the Scots. The Welsh go for York and fail. The Irish capture Gwynedd.

Turn 9.

The sweetener in the Anglo-Saxon deal is that the Angles are voted Bretwalda. The Welsh take York! (The Angles retreat). The Angles & Saxons just grow. The Welsh in England are taken out by the Angles. The victorious Picts run rampant over the Brigantes, who are bagged up. It’s looking like Pictland! The Irish take Dyffed. Wales is distinctly Red. There is no Purple.

Turn 10.

No Bretwalda. The Picts sit tight. The Welsh are fading fast. The Caledonians have a go at the Picts and fail. Years of breeding down the drain. Purple are a definite last place (none on the board!), the Red & Blue close but Green looking on the way out and lagging behind.

Turn 11.

No Bretwalda. The Norse spread themselves a bit thin, taking out a Caledonian in Caithness (next turn the Caledonians will have 2 areas & 6 Pieces) but too many losses. They capture Cumbria & Cheshire, and kill Angles to help the Saxons. The Danish raids only lose 2 men, and all against the Angles. Good news for the Saxons!

Turn 12.

The Saxons elect a King! The Caledonians must attack or die… and both die in Caithness. The Norseman take a Pictish area, but get killed by Danes in England. The Dubliners wait at sea. Danes also kill some Saxons, but are left with only 3 areas after the Saxon turn! The lone Welshman in Clwyd survives a Norseman attack.

Turn 13.

Edgar is crowned King of all England for the Saxon cause! The Danes regain a little ground against the Saxons. The Norsemen are destroyed by the amazing Picts in Pictland (though 1 survives in Powys). The Dubliners don’t lose a man - the start of a dream run. York is strongly held by the Danes. They’re in Dalriada, Cumbria, Cheshire & Avalon. The Angles vacate Dunedain for their pals the Picts.

Turn 14.

No King. The Picts occupy Dunedain. The Irish are now in Survival mode , as are the Norsemen, in the old Welsh lands. The Dubliners are still at full strength after their turn. Canute leads the Danes against the Saxons, and possibly a Dubliner or two. Then he leaves England with 4 armies. He doesn’t become King.

Turn 15.

No King. Harald & his Norwegians take York, and even beat up the Dubliners for March! Harald tries hiding in Lindsay. Harold and his Saxons evacuate Cornwall & Devon and help man the South shore with 2 men each in Wessex, Sussex & Kent, & 1 in Downlands. Harold takes 4 men and defeats Harald in Lindsay, losing only 1 man. The Normans arrive and defeat the Saxons in Wessex (with William), Sussex (a Saxon is able to retreat to Downlands). 4 Normans destroy the Downlands Saxons, the rest kill Norwegians & Dubliners. They couldn’t reach Harold in Lindsay (or chose not to). The Kent Saxons survive.

Turn 16.

King possible at turn end. The Norwegians are annoyed as they get no reinforcements as Harald is dead. They can’t do much, neither can the Dubliners. William is sitting with 3 cavalry. I can see that Red has lost, so I send Harold, his 3 men plus 1 population increase against William & his cavalry. I need 3 "5"s & "6"s on the first roll…. And get them! William is dead! Oh dear… only one piece is left standing with Harold. The Normans cleverly swamp him & occupy Lindsay so there’s no retreat. Harold dies valiantly … uh, well, he dies, anyway. The Normans hold about six areas, but William is dead so they can’t score points (something we’d all forgotten!). There’s no King as all the contenders are dead, and no other faction comes close to the Normans for controlled areas.

Even Julian was then surprised but just how much the Picts scored on turn 16 - 15 points!

Result:- Alan (Purple) 76 , Doug (Green) 91 , David (Red) 109 , Julian (Blue) 121.

Settlers Of Catan.

Order of play:- David, Julian, Alan, Doug.

We used Alan’s deterministic approach for the set-up, where each player draws a tile and places it wherever they choose (within the standard overall shape of Settler-land). Then the numbers are divided roughly equally (a 6 or 8 each, a 5 or 9 each etc) and placed as you please, except no reds can be adjacent, nor can a number be adjacent to the same number. All in all this works well and avoid unbalanced set-ups and slow starts.

Doug beat Julian to a 2 for 1 sheep port (Doug had 3 sheep tiles settled!), whilst David got an early city upgrade. Julian became the card purchase King, whilst Alan kept getting brick and no wood. Julian's card purchases paid off, seeing him get Largest Army. My city upgrade paid off too, netting me Longest Road and 2 later city upgrades. My chance to win required 2 card purchases giving 2 vp’s (a long shot) and I only got 1. Doug came close to taking Longest Road off me, but not before Julian had 3 city upgrades & 3 VP’s, plus his Largest Army.


Julian 11 (3c, 3vp, LA)

David 9 (3c, LR, 1vp)

Doug 6 (1c, 4s)

Alan 5 (5s)


(who says I don’t write!)

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