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Glen Waverley Gamers September 2nd, 1997

Present: Julian (surprise), Alan, David, Judy

Previous session report Julian writes:

Hello all,

Well, as Doug couldn't get here this week, I guess it falls to me to give you guys the lowdown on this week's Glen Waverley Gamers evening. Sorry about the delay, but I had problems getting a group of addresses to go through properly.

Fluxx : As David & Alan were early, we played one game waiting for Judy, & then one with her after she arrived. This game is as close to anarchy as I've come across in a game. If you don't already know it.... There is a deck of cards, (I suspect somebody is already moving on to the next review?). There are 4 types of cards: Keepers which show an object, e.g. Sun, Moon, Cookies, Chocolate (!); Goals showing a combination of 2 of these (or possible 1 & a not 1); Actions which I'll go into later; & Rule Changes... yes, absurd isn't it.

There is only one aim: to fulfil a goal. You start with 3 cards, there is no hand limit. There is only one mechanic, take a card, play a card. Simple. You play Keepers in front of you as they are yours, & Goals on a single pile, as they are universal. If you fulfil the requirements of the current Goal, with the Keepers you have in front of you, then you win. Actions include; swap hands with someone; steal a Keeper. The main idiosyncrasy of this game is the rule change cards. These can be; to change to take 2 or 3 cards (not changing the number you can play); changing to play 2 or 3 cards (not changing the number you can draw); whoever has sun in front of them can draw an extra card each turn; a limit of 1 card in your hand; a limit of zero cards in your hand. A fascinating game to play; also it would be interesting to visit the inventor in whatever institution he has been incarcerated...

Alan won the first & David the second, I think, but I was so confused by then, anyone could have done!

Members Only: I am sure you must know this game. It was new to Judy & myself, but David & Alan had played it before. Having expected it to finish after 3 game turns, it ran for well over an hour, with nobody confident enough of victory at the same moment they could end the game. I eventually won with 32, then Alan with 31, David 30 & Judy 29. As close a game as you could ask for. Though I found myself with only one or two bidding chips frequently, I could never believe the game would go on for so long, so I tried to score, rather than losing them both, to regain my full complement. Big Ben was the killer, as to score reasonably on it would finish the game, but the scores were too close to do it too early.

Cafe International: As we had about 1/2 an hour left, we played this to fill in the remaining time. It is made by Mattel, & if any of you can get hold of it, please let me know as I would like at least 2 copies. I believe Doug gave you a run down of the rules etc previously, if not I can do so. Interestingly, the game ended because there were the minimum number of tiles left to take, though Alan had come close to getting five single nationality tables (ending with 4). Again, I won this, but quite how, I'm really not sure, as I didn't think things were going my way at all.


It was a good evening, but the games being played are starting to distort the overall picture as I suspect the favourite games are being left for the new ones, with the remaining time being filled out with short games, thereby making them seem more popular (if you see what I mean).

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