Billabong Boardgamers

Billabong Boardgamers - 3rd February 1998

Present: Julian, Janet, Doug, Donna, Neil

Previous session report

Doug Adams writes:

A small group tonight, but a pleasant evening had by all.


As the sole owner of Bohnanza in our group, I've been instructed to carry it with me" everywhere I go", so I dutifully put it in the games bag tonight. Julian, Janet and I started a 3 player game of this and were about half way through the first deck when Donna arrived. As Donna absolutely MUST play this game, we stopped after the first deck was exhausted and started again.


Julian 16
Janet 15
Doug 13

The second game was a bit of a struggle. Even with four players I just couldn't get any good beans down and decided to invest early in a 3rd bean field before the first deck had completed. The others were struggling as well, but Julian and Janet appeared to amassing some good gold coins. With only a few cards left in the 3rd deck, Janet gave me a generous trade on my turn which gained me 2 gold - but cleared her hand to set up her turn. Alas for her the cards ran out before her turn came around.


Julian 20
Doug 19
Janet 18
Donna 16

Good tight scoring and no ties!


Neil had turned up at this stage, so we broke out Expedition. The rules were quickly explained to Donna, Julian and Neil and off we went. How do you describe a game of Expedition ? I'm not sure, but myself and Janet seemed to be doing well early, gaining our special missions and claiming a few public missions as well. Then various light bulbs appeared above the and some quite subtle and effective turns were had by all. The game tightened up in the end, with Doug closing the game out by playing his last card.


Doug 16
Janet 16
Julian 15
Donna 14
Neil 14