Billabong Boardgamers

Billabong Boardgamers November 4th, 1997

Present: Doug, Neil, Janet, Alan

Previous session report

Doug writes:

A public holiday in Melbourne today with the running of the Melbourne Cup (a horse race). A lot of Melbournians take the chance to make it a long weekend and get away, hence the absence of some regulars.

Groo: The Game

I was hoping the expansion set would have arrived from Fine Games yesterday in case we played this tonight. Alas, it didn't arrive, but Alan, Janet and I had a couple of hands while we were waiting for Neil to arrive. It's good fun, with Alan taking both games. The second game went well into the second deck and I was expecting our first "weasel victory" (see the rules) but Alan got a good hand/die roll and finished his town.


Time for a quick hand of Fluxx as Neil was expected shortly. The game only lasted about half a deck (chaotic while it lasted) with Janet winning with the Brain and No TV goal (one of the easier goals to achieve). Neil had arrived here so we launched (ahem) into the planned ...


The first time for the BBG'ers with this one. We used Emanual Soeding's variant from The Games Cabinet with a minor tweak of my own where if you start from a tile containing the players piece you pay the player and not 'the bank'. In retrospect this is probably a bad thing as it was considered at times but dropped as they didn't want the other player to get the gold. This game was good fun - nothing deep or meaningful here, but still quite thought provoking. There was a large island forming in the early to mid game that Neil and Doug were fighting over, with Neil winning the race. Doug went off and tried to get pieces on several islands without trying to take the "Greatest Discover" prize for any of them (due to an absence of gold). Around the mid game islands started to be scored with Alan, Doug and Janet getting some good points. Neil closed off two medium sized islands that Doug also had an interest in which evened the scores right up. The endgame was quite tense with Alan, Janet and Doug all close, but Doug didn't have any Discovery Chips and was going to miss out on the endgame bonus. Doug's only hope lay in Neil, who probably couldn't win, getting the bonus and allowing Doug to stay in contact with the leaders. However, Alan and Janet both ended with 6 Discovery Chips and thus gained that many VP's - the final results were:

Alan wins, Janet -6 (i.e.. 6 spaces behind, they aren't numbered), Doug -8, Neil -16

Everybody enjoyed the game, and this variant definitely helps.

Mississippi Queen

We then lined up for a quick 30 minute hurtle that saw Doug collect his two lady passengers by half way through the course and allowed him to coast to the line (well, not exactly coast) with 2 turns to spare. A fairly friendly race with little nasty bumping. Minor placings went to Neil, Alan and Janet.

Family Business

Alan had to leave slightly early so we literally threw ourselves into this Mayfair game - Janet and Doug had never played it but picked it up very quickly. By the time the slaughter had completed, Neil still had two gangsters on the table, with all the others lying in a grisly pile in the card tray. Frenetic game!

That's the end of the night - one substantial game (Entdecker) with several fillers (what do others class Mississippi Queen as ?).

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