Billabong Boardgamers

Billabong Boardgamers - 5th February, 2002

Present: Donna, Brian, Craig, Alan, Karen, David, Matthew, Justin, Adam, Tim, Richard & Jo.

Previous session report

David Coutts writes:

FLASHPOINT™ (a game by Matthew Blain)

David & Richard (with Matthew, the designer, watching on)

Richard played this at Billabong last week, but it was a first for me. I won't go into too much detail as the game is still in playtesting, and is not yet published. Suffice to say it's a fairly original, abstract two-player wargame. Not bad at all. We trailed a few new rules suggested last week, including massed fire. I won by "capturing the flag" after soaking up a lot of early pressure from Richard.

Karen Babcock writes:


Adam, Craig, Karen, Tim

Tim's first time playing this game, and Adam's second. For most of the game, Adam, Craig, and Karen built and skirmished on one side of the board while Tim quietly built on the other side. Everyone elected to keep supporters for defense against possible conflicts, so no monuments were built. Two destruction tiles were used. The game was close, but a conflict initiated by Craig near the end enabled Karen to gain enough tiles from booting one of Tim's leaders off the board to shore up her weakest colour and to win the game.

Karen 7 8 8 10
Craig 7 7 9 16
Adam  5 5 6  9
Tim   5 5 5  6

Alan Stewart writes:


Donna, Brian, Craig, Alan, Karen, David (seating and play order)

A first time play for Brian, and maybe for Karen and Craig. The first 5 players to play all founded a chain using all available placed tiles! David did start a couple later, but not for a while. Donna was the 'founding supremo', starting off more chains than anyone else but they were too successful. Her first 3 investments were still there at the end of the game, so she didn't generate enough cash flow during the game. Brian also suffered from a cash shortage during the game. David did a very nice triple merger, which paid off for Karen and himself, but kept Tower stock which almost turned out to be worthless. I'd learnt from previous playings not to run too short of cash, and this strategy worked. I didn't buy 3 shares every time I had the chance.

Alan 39 500
Craig 34 700
Karen 32 000
David 29 800
Brian 20 000
Donna 17 200

Tim Brooks writes:


Justin & Tim had not played before. 
Justin got up a huge head of steam, going purple in the face with a one
track mind in the central east of the U.S.  Finally Tim picked up a purple
share, to take about $7m off Justin in the second or third scoring round.

Tim invested in Union Pacific more than others, although he tied with Justin
& Adam in some scoring rounds (I forget which).  Poor old Adam got stuck on
a level crossing after not seeing Tim's yellow loco hurtle thru, snatching
second from him in Richard's lucrative Miami line. 

Jo pinched 2nd from Tim in Justin's huge purple train's shares, but only for
I think the last scoring round. 

A fun game.

Scores: (APPROX.)
TIM  124 OR 128
ADAM 97/98?
JO 95

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