Billabong Boardgamers

Billabong Boardgamers - 6th January 1998

Janet wasn't feeling too well tonight, so we were down one on our usual number.

A busy night at Doug and Janet's as people kept streaming in the door. A good sign. First off it was ...

Nautical Miles

This is a game that David bought along. With all the chatter about the pending Avalon Hill release, Atlantic Storm, David dredged this one up from the past to try out. In the game players are trying to get their convoys across the ocean, while trying to prevent other players from achieving the same thing. It's a cardgame, with card coming in various flavours - shipping, warships, mileage cards, etc. Points are earned for getting your convoys to travel the 4000 mile crossing, or part thereof; points are also earned for sinking the shipping of other players.

We played in partners, with David and Janet taking on Doug and Janet in the 'learner'. Donna, then Julian, appeared, and we kind of mixed and matched before starting a 6 player hand. The final scores were:

Doug & Alan: 36.5
Janet & David: 30.5
Donna & Julian: 28


This game is taking over our sessions! I haven't checked but this must be about the fifth session in a row we've played this. This time, with Neil here, we had our first seven player game. Chaos, but fun chaos! The results were:

Doug 12
David 11
Janet 10
Julian 9
Donna 8 (who bought the only 3rd bean field for the game).
Alan 7
Neil 6

I think we all enjoyed this version - with 2 coin extra bean fields and draw 4 instead of 3 at the end of your turn.

Doug, Alan, Julian and David split off at this point, while Janet, Donna and Neil (who had to learn and play this game very quickly) played a 3 player game. The scores were:

Neil 26
Janet 23
Donna 18


I've been wanting to try this game with four players. This was a game Frank in Germany sent to me, and has been reviewed favourably. The game involves purchasing shops in a middle eastern village, and then trying to attract the tourists visiting the village into them to generate some cash. This cash is reinvested into more shops, and so on.

The game is very clever, as there are various ways of earning income for yourself, while denying it to others. It strikes me as a game that will require several more plays before it really" clicks", but I suspect we all enjoyed our first game.

In our game Doug earned some good early money in yellow before David rumbled him and auctioned another yellow shop (that went to Alan). Meanwhile David himself had a nicely placed red shop that the red customers were flocking to, and it was a game winning shop for him. We all had a chance to deny David red customers by moving them away, but we didn't take it and furthered our cause instead.

The scores were:
David $4900
Doug $2775
Julian $2575
Alan $2125

For Sale

David, Doug, Julian and Alan then decided to give this one a try. We don't have a copy but created a deck from a description of it in Sumo. David's going to try to order some from Ravensburger here in Australia. We all enjoyed the game, very quick, but not as deep as I was expecting. Scores were:

Julian $63 (million)
Alan $56
David $46
Doug $45

Julian had to leave at this point, but we played another game...

Alan $73
Doug $65
David $54

I suspect this will get a few filler plays while waiting for latecomers.


Donna, Janet and Neil then played the card game Jo (I've never heard of it, it's played with 2 decks of normal playing cards). All I know is they didn't score, and Janet liked it!