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Glen Waverley Gamers September 9th, 1997

Present: Julian, Janet, Doug, David, Donna, Lois, Judy, Julie

Previous session report

Doug Adams writes:

A large turnout tonight, with some new faces. Things are looking up for our group ? Julian has decided to go to a 7pm start instead of 8pm to get an extra hour's gaming in - a good move.

David also bought some goodies for me - new copies of Airlines and Knizia's Palmyra. Airlines is a game I've played once (Julian's copy) and I knew Janet would like it because of the similarities to Acquire. Palmyra continues my quest for all things Knizia, and reviews have been favourable.

Onto what we did...


There were 5 starters at 7pm so we played this. Apparently it was played last week, but Janet and I missed it, and Donna wasn't there. Julian gave a good overview of the game, so I won't go over it again, I'll just say one word...chaotic ! Julian won by having no Keepers on the table, while everybody else had two. David was forced to play a Goal card that set the current victory conditions to exactly that, thus a win to Julian.

Formula Motor Racing

I didn't play in this, but watched as David (who playtested this game) explained the rules and ran the 6 player race. The game seemed quite simple, basically play cards to adjust the relative position to cars in the race. About half way through, Julian (who also wasn't playing) and I opened up Die Siedler Kartenspiel and I gave Julian a rough overview of how the game is played. We had started an impromptu game when the car race finished...not sure who won the race!

We then split into 2 groups of four...


Julian, Julie, Donna and myself started a game of Manhattan. Donna and Julie hadn't played it before, and Donna missed an important rule about individual buildings scoring points and was way behind after the first round, with the other 3 players within a point of each other. Doug managed to hold tallest building for the game, and had a 4 or 5 point lead going into the last round *and* he was playing last. It should have been Doug's game, but thanks to some good aggressive play from Julian, he took the game by a point from Doug. Julie wasn't far away in 3rd and Donna had made up some good ground but still came last. I'm really starting to appreciate this game the more I play it.

Meanwhile on the other table....


Judy, David, Janet and Lois were tackling the excellent (well, one of my favorites) Tutanchamun. Judy and Lois hadn't seen it before but from the amount of discussion and chatter coming from that table it sounded as if they were picking it up. They managed 2 games while we played Manhattan and the 2 newcomers to the game won a game each !!

At this point we split into 2 different groups, and played...

Titan: The Arena

I was keen to try this and managed to attract a 5 player game. Janet, David, Judy, Donna and I went to satisfy our bloodlust at the gladiator pits. The first game was a learner and saw Janet come out on top. The second game saw everybody playing a bit more cagily, creature abilities were used more often and more bets remained on the table at the game end. Janet and Donna tied the second game. General opinion was that it was a good game. Definitely needs a couple of games for people to work out the subtleties. I really like the way this game accelerates as creatures are eliminated, the end of the game almost seems to rush at you.

.. and ..

The Amazeing Labyrinth

Julian, Lois and Julie had a game or two of this Ravensburger classic. I have no idea who one, as the blood was pounding in my ears as I screamed at my Hydra to make it through the rounds !! Seriously, I was explaining and running Titan, so I didn't see much of what was happening over on the other table.

Good fun, the extra hour helps get a bit more played, and it's great to see some fresh faces. Hope they become regulars !!

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