Billabong Boardgamers

Billabong Boardgamers - 10th March 1998

Another big crowd tonight, which split into four and three for Elfenroads and Ursuppe respectively.


Doug, David and Julian lined up for this one. I'd just bought it along to show those interested, given all the hype it's been generating, but a game was called for. I'm a bit doubtful it would be an ideal game for our sessions, as it gets a bit long for our group, but as the others were playing Elfenroads, I thought the game would take about the same amount of time.

Slow and steady progress was made on turn one, with each player cell dividing and purchasing a gene card. David and I got MOVEMENT I, while Julian picked up SPORES. David then picked up SPEED and upgraded his MOVEMENT I to MOVEMENT II. We thought this would be a pretty powerful combination, but there were quite a few turns were he had to starve his amoebae due to food shortage. Julian had LIFE EXPENTANCY to go along with his SPORES, while I had grabbed INTELLIGENCE and STRUGGLE FOR SURVIVAL.

Lots of Biological Points were spent on movement to avoid starving, and consequently not as much cell division was performed. I tried to divide regularly, and picked up STREAMLINING in the process. This proved a winning combination as I had two sources of food, didn't have to pay for movement (just for STRUGGLE attempts) and could concentrate on cell division.

I got two turns of amoeba nibbling in before Julian and David picked up DEFENCE and ESCAPE respectively, but the damage was done. I'd broken to a 10 point lead and was moving away.

Final scores were:

Doug 44
Julian 29
David 24

I'm not sure about this one. It's fun to play but very hard to nail down the leader once he gets the jump. Once I had a lead all I had to do was keep the amoeba on the board topped up and keep four or so gene cards in my hand to maintain it. I suspect the thing to do here is recognise dangerous gene combinations forming and purchase to negate/protect from them. Unfortunately this will take a few games for new players to recognise, which means they have to suffer some potential thrashings learning the ropes.

Doug's rating: 7 ... with potential to go to 8,... or 6.

Alan Stewart writes:


Present in our room: Alan, Lindsay, Janet, Donna

Elfenroads. Everyone had already played it at least once.

Very negative early on with logs coming out a lot.

By half way after turn 4 - Janet 10, Donna, Lindsay and Alan all 7.

After round 9 it was Janet and Alan 18, Donna and Lindsay 16. At this stage everyone had had a turn when they didn't move, except Lindsay. This happened to him on the final turn! He could have blocked Donna in the mountains, but didn't and Donna ran away with the game on the last turn.

Mind you, she robbed herself of 5 extra cities earlier on by incorrectly placing chits.

In the end:
Donna 19 cities, 47 gold
Janet 19 cities, 9 gold (stopped from getting 20 cities by Alan)
Alan 18 cities
Lindsay 16 cities

Number of logs played:
Donna 3 (all in the first 2 turns)
Alan 2
Janet 1
Lindsay 1

Number of turns when player didn't move:
Alan 2
Janet 1
Donna 1
Lindsay 1