Billabong Boardgamers

Billabong Boardgamers - 12th April 1998

The Billabong Boardgamers invaded what is probably Melbourne's best games convention CONQUEST '98 in the hope that we could drum up some sales of Board Not Bored Games stock for David, show some of the gamers there the merits of these boardgamers, and possibly recruit some new Billabongers as well.

I went to this convention last year to finally meet internet friend Pedro Silva. We snuck away and found a quiet table and spent the afternoon pushing around the counters of GMT's GLORY. I didn't see that much of the convention, but what I did see looked to be predominately Magic players and role players.

This year it was role players and Games Workshop Warhammer players. I didn't see any Magic being played but we may have had the wrong day.

David had a stall allocated and we moved about 100 games from David's stock from his car into the convention hall - of course it had to be raining today too! After we'd set up we moved to a nearby table to start playing some games and hopefully attracting some gamers. Throughout the day about half a dozen drifted in and watched, and we even coerced a couple of them to sit down and play some games. Here's what happened (it's going to be brief, as my memory has turned to jelly...or is it jello ?):

Tutachamun While David and Alan were setting up David's stall, Janet and I had a quick 2 player game. I'm not sure if this one is a two player game or not, but we played it anyway. I went for a predominately '8' strategy and took the win while Janet had 3 to go.

Alan joined us for a second game, which I again managed to win, with Janet and Alan having 2 and 7 points remaining respectively.

Doug's rating: 11!!! (well, it's an 8 with me)

Euphrat & Tigris It was about 10am at this stage, so we trundled out the heavy artillery. This ought attract the masses! Well, it attracted a couple, including a lady who stood by and watched the game for 30 minutes (she returned later, see below). We again played 2 games of this. The first game saw Janet, Doug, Alan and Julian fight it out. Julian was struggling to remember how it was played, having only played it once 6 months ago. Thanks to some late placement of black (I had only 2 with two turns remaining) and a few treasures, I eked out the win:

Doug: 7, 10, 13, 13
Alan: 6, 7, 7, 11
Julian: 6, 6, 11, 12
Janet: 4, 6, 8, 14

Having won three games in a row, I thought I better let someone else win a game (ahem). I watched David's stall while he stepped into my place and took on the other three. I found this game very amusing to watch, as I took a turn around their table a couple of times, an it was very funny how the each said they were losing, when the two times I checked, they each had exactly the same number of victory points as their weakest sphere. Of course, I didn't count in treasures in this, but it really struck me that Knizia got it right seeing them all struggle with their own problems seeing the game from their own perspective.

Scores in this one were:

Julian: 7, 9, 13, 15
Janet: 7, 9, 10, 17
Alan: 5, 5, 5, 11
David: 4, 4, 5, 6

Doug's rating: still a 9

Having to go to the 3rd sphere of victory ... our closest E&T result so far. David got a photo or two of this game which should go onto the webpage shortly. Anyone checked out our photo gallery yet ? It's up there with photos of the Billabongers .... a chance to put a name to a face at last! Thanks to David for doing the scanning.

Bohnanza Next up we played a four player Bohnanza. A lady sat down and watched us play this game and joined in a couple of games later. Scores were:

Alan: 16
Julian: 15
Janet: 15
Doug: 14

Doug's rating: 8

Reibach & Co This was a new game to me, apparently very similar to Freight Train which I've played once a while ago. I really liked this one and saw similarities to Freight Train, but thought this was better - although I would have to play FT again to make this call. Reibach reminded me a bit of Airlines where you had a lot to do before the unpredictable scoring round appeared. I nearly bought a copy off David after playing it.

Alan: 39
Doug: 33
Janet: 29
Julian: 25

Doug's rating: 8

Titan: The Arena A four player game that I missed (went on a scouting mission around the convention). Scores were:

Janet: 13
Alan: 12
Joanne: 7
Julian: 2

Take It Easy While the game of Titan was in progress, David and I filled in some time playing a couple of rounds of this addictive game:

David: 282
Doug: 242

Doug's rating: 7

Fluxx As Titan continued, David and I pulled this one out. David won both hands with the goal "10 cards in hand".

Doug's rating: 6

Detroit-Cleveland Grand Prix The afternoon was getting late when the five of us bought this one out. This would have to be the most analytical game of this one I've played. A very close watch was kept on money going into and out of a players stash. The results were:

Race 1: Doug, Janet
Race 2: Alan, Janet
Race 3: David, Alan

Alan: $490000
David: $480000
Doug: $440000
Janet: $420000
Julian: $350000

Doug's rating: 7

Viva Pamplona We invited the lady who had watched most of one of our Euphrat & Tigris games to sit down for a game. I was in on this game, but was paged by my work and had to give it a miss. David took my spot, and the bulls were ran.

Alan (the brave): 30 machismo points
Julian (the brave): 30
Marie (the bold): 28
David (the weedy): 14
Janet (the meek): 3

Formula Motor Racing The sun was down and the brain was fast turning to fudge so we broke out our last game. I really like this one and it worked well with 6. It's fast enough and keeps you watching the cars all the way through - good old Reiner! I do remember enough of this game to tell you that Janet and scored zero on the first (of six) races - my two cars going out on the first round of card play! Janet went from bad to worse, having one or two cars knocked out in each race bar one. I managed to grab the lead at about race 4 and had a chance to win it but was hammered by David in the last race, who was trying to protect his lead. Julian snuck his two green (what else ?) cars through to take the win:

Julian: 38 championship points
David: 36
Doug: 29
Alan: 26
Marie: 18
Janet: 10

Doug's rating: 8

This was a lot more exciting than this years F1 series looks like being!

Thus ended the day. David did some reasonable business, and we look as though we may have recruited 2 or 3 more Billabongers. Ten hours straight is a long time to play games, but I'm in training for a Die Macher - which I'd love to try sometime soon.