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Glen Waverley Gamers August 12th, 1997

Present: Julian, Janet, Judy, Doug

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Doug Adams writes:

A quiet night this week with just four players. Janet and myself along with Julian and his friend, Judy. Judy quickly declared herself a game player of no great skill or repute, so we thought long and hard about what to introduce her to.


Janet has this game at home, but obviously a different version of it. Janet's game has 'wands' which can be traded for extra moves or held for a 3 point bonus at the game end, plus all the objects that are collected are actually tokens counters on the board which everyone can collect. Julian's version was a lot less confrontational, with everyone after discreet items that no one else required. I thought it wasn't as good as Janet's, but it's still a great little game. Oh yes, I managed to win.


Second game in, we decided to play THE GREAT BALLOON RACE which Janet and I had played once before. I found this *much* easier to control with 4 rather than 6 players and managed to pull off a win by getting my 3 balloons across the line on my turn. Judy had her 3 balloons across as well, but you must win on your own turn, but we split the victory.


Last game for the evening was MANHATTAN, the German edition. I own the Mayfair edition and the thing that struck me about this edition is just how big it is. This was a close game, with Julian going after my buildings like there was no tomorrow. He ended up winning just from Janet, with Judy and I about 10 points behind.

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