Billabong Boardgamers

Billabong Boardgamers - 13th January 1998

Well, it was just 3 members plus my parents who are staying for a month. So far, during their stay, (since 22nd Dec) we have played:-


David has a strangely similar yet very different game called Metropolis, so was keen to see this (Ravensburger) in action. Being a 5 player game, lots were spread& deals were being done frantically. I got a stranglehold on the 80s block & David on the 50s & 30s. I got my hospital with full score, & he got his Mall with 1 off. However, the final results were:-

David 55
Dad 41
Donna 39
Julian 34
Mum 32


We tried the Alan Stewart method of island creation, but didn't notice that there were two 9s adjacent to each other. Donna got onto the join & as 9s were rolled about every 6 rolls ,cleaned up in about 40 minutes. She had 2 cities in the first 2 rounds! Even the robber was unable to seriously dint her supplies. David went for cards, & when he was sure about being in second place, gave the game to Donna. This created a certain amount of discussion, regarding the ethics of giving the game away, settling for second, attacking 2nd for a realistic chance of improving one's finishing position, rather than always trying to beat the leader.

Final scores were

Donna - 4 cities & Longest rd. Total 10.
David - 3 settlements & 3 cards. Total 6.
Dad - 1 city 2 settlements 1 card. Total 5.
Julian - 1 city 1 settlement. Total 3.
Mum - 3 settlements. Total 3.

Sorry the report is not as long or detailed as Doug's but I can't stay up half the night after a session writing it ;-)