Billabong Boardgamers

Billabong Boardgamers - 15th June 1998

We were to be 2 this evening, but with junkies, there's always the lure of an extra fix! Doug & Janet couldn't resist the siren's call of the Billabong, so we ended up as 4, with Alan joining us. Whilst waiting for Alan, we had a small journey to the centre of the sausage.

Durch die Wueste

I managed to get quite a lot of 2 corners sealed off, but lost out on having 2 longest caravans, Doug getting 2.5 Janet 1.5 & me 1. Doug & Janet have played this frequently, & I was just starting to see how critical initial placement is, with regard to the colours of the nearest neighbouring camels, bearing in mind the zones of control. Doug took this one.

Doug 91
Julian 87
Janet 62


Then Alan arrived, & we were off on a trip around Elfenlands. Now I have wanted a copy of Elfenroads for about 5 years, & this may be my only chance to get close, so I was very evenly balanced in my attitude to this. Was I going to be disappointed or would this be good enough? Well, though I preferred E'roads as a gamers game, I think that E'lands will be far more suited to a visitors' game or for the children, who will learn lots about resource management, & using this with that, even though the other is more efficient, it doesn't gain as much in the long term. I was impressed, though why I should doubt Alan Moon, is a question that never occurred tome until after I'd played it. I would certainly buy it, if I wasn't unemployed & in debt to the tune of $15,000.

I got away to a good start, as did Alan & Janet, all getting 6 with Doug getting 5. Then I placed a chit to move & Alan realised that it would prevent him from doing his big move, so logged it. This meant that I was also reduced by 1 town. Doug got 6, Janet 5 Alan 4 & I got 3. This left us at Doug 11, Janet 11, Alan 10, & me 9. However, a convenient placement of Janet's dragon gave me a free town & I was on for a 6 if no-one screwed me up. They didn't and I was on for a 5. This round left us, I think at about Doug 15, Janet 15, me 14, & Alan 14/15ish. Alan placed a chit into the mountains which meant I had to use almost all of my chits to get back to home, which I did with 2 cards to spare & 18 towns. Doug had logged Janet earlier, after she placed a cloud 3 towns away, ruining his move, which the ruined hers. Janet then logged Doug in the last move but it turned out she had fallen for a diversion, as Doug had no intention of going that way. Doug  therefore ended up on 18 towns with 2 cards too. I had placed a spare dragon on the woodland path which I was fairly sure Alan would want to use,& that forced a caravan & reduced his move, (ah...revenge is sweet). He therefore lost another town & I don't think he made it home.

Doug/Julian 18 (2 cards)
Janet 17 (4)
Alan 16 (1)

For Sale

We then went for another game Doug had brought, For Sale. Not a lot to say about this except that it is very entertaining, & not as light as it pretends to be.

Alan 58
Julian 57 (6 chips)
Doug 57 (2 chips)
Janet 54


Onto the fourth of Doug's luggage. He sure got value for his petrol money this week. Fossil. This was the first time out for me, & second for Alan, (D & J seem to play everything dozens of times - too much of an advantage? should they be handicapped?). Though I thought I was being thrashed, Doug being the clear leader, I saw a chance to really improve my score & finish the game. I swapped Alan a' useless' tile for the last fossil to be finished, which I had a huge majority in, resulting in Alan & Doug being void in it, giving me a win, due to them going down 6 & me up by six. I like this game, & again can seethe benefits for children having to see the move that they would leave the next person round the table, & having to correlate that with what they have in their stash, plus how many were left, plus not wanting to be void in any fossil. Beautiful.

Julian 113
Doug 109
Alan 108
Janet 100


Then onto the the Billabong for a little refreshment. Doug appeared to make a mistake by placing a kangaroo on the opposite side of the billabong from the stream, but then halfway through the game, bounced back to near wherei t was having covered about 80% of a circuit. Alan was a quiet achiever in this making several unexciting but profitable moves, which didn't make us notice how far he was getting his team. By the end I had to go back to collect my tail ender, whilst others used them to make big hops into the home run. Though we played on to second & third I rather lost track, so here are the scores when Alan finished.

Alan 5
Doug 4
Janet 3
Julian 2

This obviously wasn't Janet's night, so I expect we'll probably see Expedition or one of her other favourites next week!