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Glen Waverley Gamers September 15th, 1997

Present: Julian, Doug, Janet, Barbara, David, Judy, Neil

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Doug Adams writes:

I suddenly feel a weight upon my shoulders as more and more eyes who attend our sessions will be reading these...even Janet wants to have a look at what I type. Forgive me if this has a "Doug" angle, that was the set of eyes I was using to absorb the action.

Barbara, another new recruit, attended tonight, and it was good to seen Neil back again after a long absence. David bought an armful of games, but mine managed to be played tonight (Palmyra and Linie 1). You'll have to get there earlier, David !


A fairly recent Knizia game saw Julian, Janet, Barbara and myself line up while we were waiting for any other attendees. I thought we could knock this over very quickly, because mechanically it's very simple. Not so! It requires a fair bit of thought to play it well, and the game took over an hour to play. I concentrated on trading in spice and gold goods as that was how my cards seem to run, while the others went for everything. The endgame saw me with only 3 gold on the table but with a huge lead. The others had around 6 goods, and all were selling for very nice prices. By the time everything was sold off, I'd come a comfortable 4th, with Barbara taking the game. There was a bit of discussion about a possible turn order problem, but as this was everyone's first game (apart from a Doug/Janet trial game the day before), it's difficult to say. The November 1996 Sumo hinted at the same thing. Definitely want to try it again.

By the time we finished, we had Judy, Neil and David here, so we split into 4 and 3 for....

Linie 1

The other game I bought up attracted David, Janet and Neil. We shared the coffee table and could get a first hand look at the action, and I'd forgotten how stunning this game looks set up. I've kind of neglected this game ever since it had an 'accident' up at my parents place, with a valuable "T" tile being half eaten by their Cairn Terrier (errr, that's a dog). I'll try and make another one up sometime. Also, the endgame just doesn't quite do it for me, and is a bit of an anticlimax if someone finishes their trolley network way before the other players. Indeed this is what happened, with Neil romping away to win. The others conceded while he was half way around his route (Janet and David having not finished their track network) because we had just finished our game of....

Drunter Und Druber

I had a good night in the 'games I want to play' department as both my games got played, and I got to finally play this one. I've been eyeing it on Julian's game shelf since I started attending in May having heard nothing but good about it. So this was my chance, along with Julian, Judy and Barbara. I really enjoyed the game, and kind of knew the rules just from reading about it. Complexity wise it's down at the entry level, and a good game to boot. I went merrily in, having a very heavy hand in 'walls' and stomped any high buildings that I could. I supported yellow buildings and my '5' was being threatened mid game. I put a tile to quietly divert the builder away from my precious building, but alas Julian picked up the fact that I was yellow. From then on he pointed out that I was well placed to take the game, and yellow took a beating. I suspected that Julian was black late in the game, but had no idea of the other two. Judy took the game by a point or two. I really enjoyed it, and I like the voting part of the game. We played the 'easy' version, without the extra scoring cards. David may have another customer soon, as he stocks this. Indeed I nearly picked it up a few months back, but went with New Games From Old Rome instead. Drunter is now on my 'want' list.


Another new game for everyone except Julian. Barbara had to leave as we were pushing 10pm at this stage. I'm not sure what to make of this game, primarily about maintaining a car throughout a year and attending the 4 scheduled car rallies. It's essentially dice driven, but on a given throw you must move your car at least 1 space along the track, and then can spend the rest of the throw on either extra movement, service points for your car, or livery for your car. Each time a 6 is thrown, time moves on, and the idea is to get your car to the rally start points during the rally month. It was pretty obvious that if someone rolled high, they were going to have a pretty good run, they can move, buy points and livery, and stroll through the game, while the poor sod who tosses 1's and 2's for the whole game (and we have David Coutts playing the sod here) was in for a shocker. We struggled through, and play went way past our 11pm cut-off. I think we finished around 11:15, and I managed to win by a point from Neil. There are some great ideas here, but I'm not sure if it completely works with 6, and David was definitely in the "I don't like it" camp.

Maybe Julian and David could add some observations. I thought it was pretty harmless but spoiled by rotten dice luck. A suggestion was you roll 2 dice and choose 1 for your move - this would add more flexibility and tactical play as even low rolls can be handy, albeit rarely.

That's was it for this week. These reviews may begin to appear on David's website...discussions have commenced :) Next up, an afternoon session at David's this Sunday...

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